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4 Cops Beating and Tazing a Handcuffed Black Man is Why Black Athletes Are Still Kneeling

I'm sure they were completely justified. Aren't they always?
They weren't kicking him in the ribs. That counts as progress, right?

They weren't kicking him in the ribs. That counts as progress, right?

A black man was arrested at what appears to be a gas station in Texas and placed in handcuffs by four police officers. The man sees a woman in a nearby car recording the arrest and says out loud that he's glad someone is taking a picture of what's happening. In response, the officers take the man, who is not resisting in any way whatsoever, around a corner, out of sight and in less than 10 seconds, they're beating him to the ground and shooting him with a taser gun.

While the man is screaming that the cops are punching him, one of them shouts back, "Yeah, you're fighting!" and another nonsensically yells "Get your hands behind your back!". The police wearing face masks in relatively mild weather (two of the officers and a bystander are in short sleeves) makes the entire scene even more sinister, almost like they're concealing their identities from the camera.

Watch the clearly necessary violence here:

It's true that at the last second, as he realizes that he's been pulled out of sight, the black man starts pulling away from the secluded corner he's being pushed into but can you blame him? The police have given black men every reason to fear for their lives. Given the slightest provocation, the police do not hesitate to beat black men to a pulp or simply kill them, safe in the knowledge that in the extremely rare instances someone tries to hold them accountable, it's even more rare that they'll succeed.

What brought on the beating? Did they uncuff him for some reason and he suddenly started fighting where before he hadn't? Unlikely. Have the police been trained to yell things like "Get your hands behind your back!" even if the suspect is handcuffed to make it seem like he's "resisting"? Very likely, especially in this age of cell phone recordings catching clear audio but not always clear video. 

Yes, the man being arrested was big but none of the 4, count'em, 4, cops were shrinking violets. Could they have just pinned him to the ground until he stopped "fighting"? Yes. Would that have been as enjoyable as repeatedly punching him, shooting him with a taser and pressing his head into the concrete with a knee? Not a chance!

That's why black athletes are still kneeling during the national anthem.

That's why we need replace white supremacist Jeff Sessions and regain the lost progress of police reform across the country.

There are 325 days left to the 2018 elections.

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