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The GOP's Newest Nazi Candidate Just Doubled Down on His Antisemitism

Paul Nehlen is quite literally running on a platform of "I hate Jews."
"Vote for me because I hate Jews. Thank you and God Bless White America."

"Vote for me because I hate Jews. Thank you and God Bless White America."

If you don't know who Paul Nehlen is yet, you really need to keep an eye on this one. He's running what could very well be the prototype campaign for the coming wave of white nationalist GOP candidates that are going to primary "establishment" Republicans in much the same way the Tea Party did.

While Nehlen is running on Trumpism, hatred of immigrants, hatred of Muslims, hatred of the LGBT community, he's also running an openly antisemitic campaign specifically to appeal to groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis. A bold move but one that could very well pay off for him. Remember, Republican primaries are controlled by the most extre

Here's one of his latest tweets bragging about reading Keven MacDonald's The Culture of Critique, an astonishingly anti-Jewish "study" into the "evolutionary psychology" of Jews that just happens to reaffirm every ugly and hateful stereotype antisemitic imbeciles have ever come up with:

I wasn't personally familiar with The Culture of Critique, but apparently it's wildly popular in the white nationalist community because it "scientifically" proves their belief in the Grand Jewish Conspiracy™ to conquer the world. I imagine that if I were a huge fan of Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, I would be eternally grateful to have published research to back up my bigotry.

To my total lack of surprise, however, it turns out that MacDonald is not much of a scientist at all but rather a rabid racist putting lipstick on a pig: 

As his colleagues finally began to read his books, many were downright horrified. Philosophy Professor Warren Weinstein told his colleagues that after reading A People that Shall Dwell Alone he felt MacDonald's work was not science at all, but "something else, masquerading as science." Its closest analogue: "It is in the great tradition of Nazi and Stalinist science which clearly and scientifically proved that their respective insanities were objectively true and defensible."

None of that matters, of course. Just like The Bell Curve gave polite white society permission to be openly racist against blacks again despite the book being exposed as a complete fraud, those looking for an excuse to hate Jews will dismiss any criticism of MacDonald's work as part of the Jewish conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Nehlen's followers are gobbling up his hate like candy and their excitement for his run against Paul Ryan is mounting. He'll probably lose next year but after Republicans are crushed by the blue tsunami in the midterms, the base will blame the establishment (but never Trump) just like they did in 2008. They'll turn to the loudest and nastiest voices to punish the party and that will be animals like Nehlen.

If this strategy of open antisemitism works and Nehlen beats Paul Ryan in 2020, the Republican Party is, to put it delicately, completely fucked because a flood of imitators will follow. Once the GOP has an openly white nationalist wing, that cancer will spread and take over a party too weak and cowardly to even try to stop it. Nehlen is a canary in the coal mine we must keep an eye on.

There are 313 days left to the 2018 elections.

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