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This Proud Nazi Republican is Now Having Divinely Inspired Dreams

Paul Nehlen is pimping himself as The Great White Savior of the beleaguered white race. What could possibly go wrong?
Of course he loves guns. What self-respecting Nazi doesn't?

Of course he loves guns. What self-respecting Nazi doesn't?

Remember Paul Nehlen, the Republican candidate looking to unseat Paul Ryan? He's the nice businessman from Wisconsin who recently decided to come out of the Nazi closet and tell Trump's voters that he thinks Jews are a dangerous threat to the vaunted white race.

But Nehlen is not content to just be a white nationalist piece of trash appealing to the racism that lies at the core of conservatism, he's also selling himself as a true man of faith; a Christian warrior in the battle to preserve the white race from the depredations of....Those People.

And now he's having divinely inspired dreams to boot:

Again, if you're unfamiliar with the phrase "It's OK to be white", that's the white nationalist call to arms against the imaginary "White Genocide" they think is occurring when people tell them to stop being racist assholes. To them, not being able to treat Those People like animals is the highest form of persecution imaginable. It just breaks the heart the way they're oppressed, doesn't it?

But they really feel that way. They really do believe that they're in an existential battle; that the "white race" is doomed unless they fight back against the Jews and the immigrants and the blacks and the feminists and the gays who keep demanding, horror of horrors, equal rights. Nehlen is just the first of a new wave of candidates that openly brag about their white nationalism and his pandering to the dogma of Christian intolerance does not bode well for our future. If there's one thing that unleashes the maximum amount of cruelty and violence in Americans, it's the persecution complex peddled by right wing religious extremism.

Paul Ryan has unlimited resources and a lot of power but what he doesn't have is the love of Trump's rabidly devoted base. Eric Cantor thought he was untouchable as well in 2014 as the House Majority Leader, but he was beaten by a Tea Party challenger because he wasn't racist enough for the increasingly insane Republican voter. 

Nehlen is just the kind of monster they've been waiting for and he's already got "God's" seal of approval.

Heaven help us all.

There are 317 days left to the 2018 elections.

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