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Thank you, Alabama, for electing Democrat Doug Jones, a decent man who has stood up for the poor, women and minorities his entire life. Thank you Alabama, for rejecting the disgusting politics of Roy Moore, a racist, misogynistic, sexual predator, who targeted and abused children and stood for nothing more than hate. 

Thank you for rejecting the politics of fear, the politics of division and the politics of ignorance. Thank you for refusing to giving in to your worst instincts and following your hearts. Thank you for not allowing the playbook that worked in 2016 to work in your state, and thank you above all for sending a strong message to Donald Trump that there are consequences to hate and consequences to abusing women and children. 

Your role in the future of this country is an important one, and it isn't over. There is a regular election in 2020, and you will have to vote in a Democrat all over again if you want to ensure someone like Roy Moore can never run in your state again. But for now, your work is done. 

Thank you, Alabama. 

From The Resistance