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Steve Bannon is a Loser

After pedophile Roy Moore's crushing loss in the Alabama Senate race to Doug Jones, it turns out that Alt-Right guru Steve Bannon is not the evil genius many believe him to be. He's just plain evil. And also a giant loser.
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After pedophile Roy Moore's crushing loss in the Alabama Senate race to Doug Jones last night, it turns out that Alt-Right guru Steve Bannon is not the evil genius many believe him to be. He's just plain evil -- and also a giant loser. 

Bannon spent an inordinate amount of energy shilling for Moore during the election, bucking the GOP and even going against Trump's original endorsement of Republican Luther Strange in the primary. The Breitbart chief viewed Moore as the anti-establishment candidate and saw an opportunity to stick it to the GOP by helping another wrecking ball candidate get into power. Bannon has long wanted to destroy the Republican Party and replace it with his own brand of thinly veiled white nationalism, and in Roy Moore, he saw the perfect candidate who would help further his repellant agenda. While he got extraordinarily lucky with Donald Trump in 2016, Bannon has now failed at everything else he has put his hand to and is rapidly turning the GOP into an unelectable party for the next 10 years. To lose a Senate seat to a Democrat in Alabama is beyond catastrophic, and Bannon is taking the heat from his fellow Republicans who were aghast at his decision to support Moore. 

“Not only did Steve Bannon cost us a critical Senate seat in one of the most Republican states in the country, but he also dragged the President of the United States into his fiasco,” said Steve Law, the president and C.E.O. of McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund. “This is a brutal reminder that candidate quality matters regardless of where you are running.”

Bannon's decision to defy Trump and the GOP (not to mention common decency), was a huge gamble that has gone horribly, horribly wrong. He has cost his party and his president dearly and it is hard to see how he can reassert his influence over the GOP after such a colossal blunder. While and other Alt-Right attack dogs are blaming "the establishment" for the loss, even Donald Trump knew Roy Moore was a garbage candidate (a fact he reminded his followers of today):

As difficult as this might be to comprehend for a movement built on virulent misogyny, racism and 'alternative facts', the reality is that you can't run an alleged pedophile and expect them to do well -- even in Alabama. 

It should be remembered that Steve Bannon's presence is so toxic and divisive that he was removed from the White House after only 9 months on the job. He went back to Breitbart ostensibly to rally the troops, but has only succeeded in helping making Trump the least popular president in history and losing the GOP a vital seat in the Senate. 

Bannon is reportedly not finished with his war on the GOP establishment, with sources close to him saying that the loss in Alabama only pours "gasoline on top of it":

But as pollster Frank Luntz pointed out, the evidence proves this war will only have one winner -- and it isn't the GOP: 

“We have very limited downside,” Bannon told The Atlantic's Rosie Gray before the vote counting began in Alabama. “If Moore loses, the firestorm against McConnell will reach a fever pitch, people will be off the chain. They will come for McConnell like you’ve never seen before and Shelby will be finished down there. If we lose, it’s actually worse for McConnell.”

Unfortunately for Bannon "they" are not coming for Mitch McConnell. They are coming for him. As reality slowly begins to reassert itself over the American political system and the Democrats begin taking back power, Bannon and the Alt Right are going to have an increasingly difficult time selling themselves as winners when all they do is lose.