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Report Reveals Trump is Basically Too Lazy to Run America

Who the hell is in charge if Trump spends all his time playing golf and watching TV?

On Sunday, the New York Times published an article describing life in the White House and it is horrifying. Frankly, the only reason the country isn't in a full scale collapse yet is because of Obama's vastly unappreciated efforts in rebuilding the economy and government after the previous Republican trainwreck administration.

But that's only going to last for so long and, as the Times reports, our "Commander in Chief" is too busy watching TV to actually be president when the real challenges come:

The Times interviewed 60 advisers, associates, friends and members of Congress for the article and [sic]report ed that Trump spends four to eight hours a day watching cable news. Since the shows are mostly about him, he must recognize cable news as an extension of his old reality show, only he cannot fire Kim Jong Un. He can, however, insult him.

I'm just a PTA president and that chews up so much time I couldn't possibly watch that much TV a day; it boggles the imagination that Trump could simply ignore his job in order to feed his ego by watching people talk about him all day long. And that's when he's not spending most of his weekends playing golf.

But it gets worse. Chief of Staff John Kelly is still tightly controlling what Trump, the president of the United States, is allowed to read:

In August, Mr. Trump asked Mr. Schiller for a newspaper article he had heard about. After Mr. Trump mentioned the article to Mr. Kelly, the chief of staff dispatched two aides to investigate how it had gotten to the president without being cleared. Mr. Schiller acknowledged providing the contraband newsprint. Mr. Kelly thanked him tersely for coming forward, according to two people Mr. Schiller later told.

To the surprise of aides, the president did not try to make clear Mr. Schiller’s unique place in the Trump orbit. After some additional encounters with Mr. Kelly, Mr. Schiller announced his departure, a decision fueled primarily by a dislike for Washington and a desire to once again earn private-sector pay before retiring.

And while a good Chief of Staff does control the flow of information to the president to a degree, Kelly has to take it to an absurd level because his boss is so easily manipulated, he could promise to move the American embassy to Jerusalem and kick off decades of bloodshed in the Middle East on a whim. Oh, wait...

If Mr. Kelly knows he cannot always control access, he is intent on at least knowing who is peddling what to his boss. He reserves the right to listen to calls coming to the president through the White House switchboard. To some callers, Mr. Kelly politely promises to forward messages. On calls he cannot monitor personally, Mr. Kelly or a deputy will usually double-back to debrief the caller on any promises the president may have made in unguarded moments.

That is not a Chief of Staff, that's a full time babysitter keeping his charge from running with scissors and eating paste. Kelly is literally trying to limit Trump's screen time like he's an unruly 5-year-old so he won't rage tweet every morning.

When Sen. Bob Corker called the White House "an adult day care center", people alternated between amusement and unease because it hit closer to home then anyone really wanted to admit. After reading the Times' article, we have to start seriously asking: Who is running this country because it sure as hell isn't Donald Trump.

There are 329 days left to the 2018 elections.

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