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If Roy Moore Wins in Alabama, Republicans are in a World of Sh*t

Should Roy Moore beat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race tonight, the GOP will be doomed as a brand for decades to come. And if he loses, the Democrats are only two seats away from controlling the Senate.
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There are two possible outcomes for today's Senate race in Alabama, and both spell disaster for the GOP in both the short and long term. While Donald Trump and his band of lunatics in the White House are betting big on accused pedophile and notorious bigot Roy Moore, the Republican Party are shitting themselves -- and rightly so.

If Roy Moore loses against Doug Jones tonight, the GOP will have lost an important seat in the Senate, bringing their already slim majority down to only two seats. They will still face an extreme backlash for refusing to condemn Moore that will hurt them in other races around the country, and will be that much closer to losing control of the Senate.

Should Moore win (a very distinct possibility), the GOP will be doomed as a brand for decades to come. Not only did they appease a vile sexual predator who is now residing in the White House, they will be responsible for aiding and abetting a child molester. They will have to also have to confirm him in the Senate, reneging on a threat to expel him should he win. Because once Moore is in, the GOP and Trump will own their pedophile for as long as he is there.

“The moment Moore arrives in the Senate, he’ll become the face of the Republican party,” Steve Schmidt, John McCain’s presidential campaign adviser in 2008 told Newsweek. “Every Republican senator will be asked about the allegations, as they should, every day. This is going to be hung around the necks of every Republican running in a moderate district in 2018.”

While (white) women in Alabama may not mind a bigoted, misogynistic, pedophile representing their state, the mood in the rest of the country isn't quite so lenient. Moore's election could well present a tipping point for the country that could send the GOP into a death spiral it won't ever recover from. Democrats will be able to hammer every single GOP candidate for years to come for their support of Moore, making their efforts to reach out to women completely redundant.

With Evangelical Christians fleeing Trump and the GOP in droves, it is hard to see what the party's plan is for the future. They've already made themselves toxic to minorities, women, and the young, so it is incomprehensible that they would compound their catastrophic trajectory by allowing an alleged pedophile represent them in the Senate.

While a Doug Jones victory would be a fantastic news for the Democrats, there really isn't a downside to tonight's election. From a strategic point of view, a Roy Moore win would probably be the best possible outcome regardless of how disgusting it may be. The death of the party of 'Family Values' has been inevitable for many years, and tonight we may finally see it buried once and for all.