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Roy Moore Called America "Evil" and No One Noticed

And just like Trump, Roy Moore sided with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in insulting his own country.
This is way better in Russian, honest!

This is way better in Russian, honest!

In an eerie echo of Donald Trump, Republican candidate Roy Moore chose violent Russian dictator Vladimir Putin over his own country, calling the United States "evil" and finding common cause with the murderous strongman:

In an interview with the Guardian’s Anywhere But Washington series, Moore also said that Ronald Reagan’s famous declaration about the Soviet Union being “the focus of evil in the modern world” might today be applied to the US.“

You could say that about America, couldn’t you?” he said. “We promote a lot of bad things.” Asked for an example, he replied: “Same-sex marriage.”

When it was pointed out to Moore that his arguments on gay rights and morality were the same as those of the Russian leader, he replied: “Well, maybe Putin is right.” He added: “Maybe he’s more akin to me than I know.”

This might actually be worse than Trump. Trump is clearly under Putin's control. It doesn't matter if it's blackmail, bribery, or something else, everyone understands Trump is compromised and has no choice but to bend the knee to Russia.

Moore doesn't appear to have any obvious ties to Russia meaning his taste for borscht is purely ideological. Roy Moore, a man running for the Senate ostensibly because he's a flag-lovin' patriot, openly denigrated his own country in favor of one of our most dangerous geopolitical foes.

I'm old enough to remember when Republicans considered Michelle Obama saying "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country" to be the Greatest Political Scandal Of All Time™ because not loving America with every fiber of your being was tantamount to treason. But these days, Republicans can literally call America evil, praise our enemies and somehow still be considered more patriotic than a Democrat who puts child killers in prison. Because of this, I find it impossible to believe Moore's noxious words will have the slightest impact on his impending election to the Senate. In fact, the anti-LGBT nature of them may well give him a boost because hating gays is more important than loving America (or condemning child molesters) to the super patriotic Christians of the American right wing.

This is a political movement that has lost all connection to the moral universe the rest of us inhabit and Moore would be a stain upon their collective soul if only they still had one.

There 5 days left until the Republican Party elects a child molester.

There are 332 days left to the 2018 elections.

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