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Even Evangelical Christians Are Fleeing Trump as His Poll Numbers Evaporate

Maybe don't support child molesters?
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White evangelical Christians overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for president in 2016, believing that a man who confessed to sexually assaulting women, denigrated immigrants and ran on a vicious campaign of bigotry and hatred would be preferable to a woman who, well, wrote some emails or something. 

While white Evangelicals share a great deal of responsibility for the havoc Trump has wrought upon America, there are now concrete signs that even the God fearing bible belt is abandoning the president in droves. From the Huffington Post

A new national Pew Research Center poll released Thursday shows that President Donald Trump’s approval rating is declining among demographic groups that previously gave him relatively high numbers, particularly among evangelicals.

According to Pew, Trump’s approval rating among white evangelical Protestants dropped 17 percentage points from February to December, down from 78 percent to 61 percent. Eighty-one percent of white evangelical voters backed Trump in the 2016 presidential election, NPR reported.

This is a very significant decrease in support, no doubt in connection to his support of alleged pedophile Roy Moore, which appears to be a step too far for even the most ardent believers

Trump's job approval rating is now at 32% -- a catastrophic number worse than anything he has seen since taking office in January, and the lowest number of any president in recorded history. The abandonment of other demographics closely aligned with his politics should also be cause for great alarm. The Huff Post report continued: 

Trump’s approval rating also dropped among adults 50 and older (from 47 percent to 38 percent) as well as among whites (49 percent to 41 percent). As Axios noted, Trump’s approval rating had either remained the same or dropped among every demographic group Pew polled.

The Republicans are stuck with this albatross around their neck, made worse by their own deep unpopularity. But they are the only thing that can stop Trump, and the pressure to act grows stronger by the day. With a reliable voting bloc like Evangelical Christians fleeing the sinking ship, the GOP has to be thinking about how they can survive in the long term. They must know that it isn't going to get any better, so why they continue to support this madman is anyone's guess.