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In 1 Week, Republicans Will Elect a Child Molester to the Senate Because They're Irredeemable A**holes

This is who Republicans are now. There's no turning back.
I'll protect your little girls from homosexuals and transgender predators! Just leave them with me.....

I'll protect your little girls from homosexuals and transgender predators! Just leave them with me.....

Roy Moore is going to be the next senator from Alabama. Believe it. Barring last minute divine intervention (unlikely) or a massive groundswell of anti-Moore voting (possible but I wouldn't bet on it), he's going to win by a few points. It won't be the kind of blowout victory he would have normally expected but it will be solid enough to be convincing.

The left will be outraged, of course, that Republican voters could vote for a monster. Again. The media (which hardly mentions Moore's sex scandal anymore for some reason) will cluck its collective tongue and lament how ugly politics have become without mentioning how 99.99999% of that ugliness flows directly from the Republican Party. Republican moderates will wince and look away, hoping Moore doesn't embarrass them too much in the coming years but knowing that when he does, they'll grit their teeth and put up with it anyway. Establishment Republicans will keep their fingers crossed that Moore will vote with them on tax cuts, deregulation and generally making the rich richer at the expense of the poor and middle class as long as they throw him the occasional anti-abortion/LGBT/immigration bone to chew on.

The rest of the conservative movement, however, will be tickled pink at how pissed off everyone else is. Roy Moore, like Donald Trump, will be a giant middle finger to everyone they hate: The "fake news" media, the swamp in Washington D.C., weak-kneed centrists, and, of course, liberal snowflakes, their stupid political correctness and their war on Christianity. If electing Roy Moore makes them all mad, then that's all the reason they need to support him!

Alabama Republicans won't feel that way, necessarily. 71% of them lied and told pollsters that they don't believe the allegations against Moore. I say "lied" because it's been an open secret for decades that Moore was a sexual predator that hunted underage girls. They know exactly who they're voting for and they just don't care. But after listening to several Republicans openly defend sexually assaulting little girls, Alabamians simply realized it's just easier to lie about it than to explain how a devout Christian can vote for a violent child molester and still call themselves a devout Christian (Public Service Announcement: You can't). 

But outside of Moore's backyard, right wingers will enjoy yet another victory over, what? Common decency? Basic morality? Societal norms? Will they even know what it is they're "winning" by championing Roy Moore? Doubtful. The conservative movement has devolved into a mindless tribe of pure opposition for its own sake. They have no guiding principles left beyond "Do the opposite of what our enemy does". Their moral compass unerringly points to the constantly shifting pole of political expediency, leading them to wail in agony for the unborn while demanding we take food out of the mouths of newborns; sometimes in the very same breath.

This is who Republican voters are now, though. To some degree, it's who they've been for the last 50 years and it's who conservative voters have been for the 100 years before that, but once upon a time, they had limits to the depravity they would accept. These days, though, they openly embrace rapists, Nazis, and child molesters into their ranks because, hey, at least they're not fucking Democrats, right? 

There's no coming back from this because they don't want to come back. This is exactly where they want to be and they couldn't be happier.

I cannot stress this enough: American conservatism is no longer a political movement by any imaginable definition. It exists solely to inflict pain and suffering on anyone it can, including its own. This is a death cult devoted to destroying America because America is no longer only theirs. If we do not start treating them like an invading force of mindless savages, they will leave a burnt out husk when they're done making America "great" again.

There are 336 days left to the 2018 elections.

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