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Three White "School Cops" Kick and Tase Black Teen, Threaten to Tase Protesting Students

Shaun King correctly calls the scene "a gross abuse of power" and "a disturbing sign of the times."
This is how school cops teach our kids to respect the law? By threatening to tase them if they don't shut up?

This is how school cops teach our kids to respect the law? By threatening to tase them if they don't shut up?

Last week, a video circulated showing an all too familiar scene of three white police officers beating down a black suspect. After he was pinned to the ground, one of the cops repeatedly kicked him in a rage while another threatened the outraged crowd with a taser gun. After the three cops had him pinned to the ground and immobilized, one of them unnecessarily tasered him before putting the handcuffs on.

The difference between this and numerous other videos just like it was that the "black suspect" was a high school student and this entire scene took place in the hallways of Jeffersontown High School in Kentucky.

The police showed a second video of the student punching one of the officers before being tackled as justification for the brutality that followed but there's a bit of a problem with that: I'm not a police officer but I'm 100% positive kicking a subdued suspect in a rage because they punched you is not standard police procedure. I don't recall the police being allowed to threaten teenagers with violence if they don't back up, either. Finally, tasering a minor after you have them pinned to the ground because you're mad at them sounds downright illegal.

There's an ongoing investigation but it seems unlikely anything will be done. After all, we allow the police to treat black adults like this every day and we bought them into our schools and allow them to start the process even earlier. Despite the original benign motivation behind "school cops", it's been corrupted into the "school to prison pipeline". We criminalize childhood and bring the increasingly violent and out of control police into what's supposed to be the safest of places for our children. And then we're shocked when the police visit the same level of racism and violence upon black children that they do upon black adults?

Even the excuse that the student attacked the officer or that he was the size of an adult falls flat when you watch a video of a white school cop slamming a tiny black sixth-grader to the ground from just a month ago. Funny how it almost never seems to happen to the nice white students, isn't it? This is not an isolated incident so start getting used to seeing this sort of thing more often. Just like out on the streets, the longer the police go without consequences for their actions in our schools, the worse they're going to get. 

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