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Jesus, Even Trump's Close Friends Think Fox News is Garbage

The president's close friend and ally Chris Ruddy believes Fox News is so pro-Trump that is has "lost their credibility as a news organization"
Fox Trump

Well this is something. Chris Ruddy, CEO of conservative platform Newsmax and close Trump friend and ally believes Fox News is so slavishly pro-Trump that it has zero credibility left as a news organization. From Politico

If Fox has shifted to protect itself on the right, Ruddy believes there’s now an opening for a conservative outlet that feels less reflexively defensive of Trump.

“Newsmax is very supportive of the president, but we also will publish things that are critical of him time to time,” Ruddy said. “Fox seems to have decided to become very closely aligned, which seems unnatural, and it doesn’t seem consistent.

“It’s just bizarre, and I think they lose their credibility as a news organization,” he continued.

It's hard to see how anyone with half a brain ever thought Fox News had any credibility in the first place (Sean Hannity's presence alone makes the network a complete joke), but this is quite the criticism coming from an avowed Trump supporter and personal friend. As the Politico piece notes: 

The network’s new prime-time lineup, featuring Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, who was added in April, forms a three-hour nightly block of solid Trump cheerleading. Factor in the Trump-friendly morning show, “Fox & Friends,” on from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., and during the network’s most-watched hours, seldom is heard a discouraging Trump word.

This Trump cheerleading may play well with the 36% of the population that thinks he is doing a good job in office, but given it is a demographic that won't be alive for much longer, Fox News has a serious problem going forward. Not only have they backed a president who is busy destroying the Republican party and the future of conservatism, they are catering to an audience that has a median age of 68

Regardless of the network's short term demographics pitch, the fact that Fox News has become so laughably stupid means the damage to its reputation will have far greater consequence. When Trump goes, which could be sooner rather than later if the Russia probe keeps unearthing bombshells, Fox News will have to sleep in the bed it has made itself. The network has tied itself to ranting madman whose grip on reality seems to be eroding by the day. When the adults are finally allowed in to clean up the mess, Fox will be left explaining to the nation why it backed a president who sought only to wreak havoc upon America's institutions and exacerbate hate and fear amongst its citizens. 

When Trump supporters believe Fox News is a sycophantic joke that no longer has any journalistic credibility, you can be sure its heyday is close to an end. Just as Trump symbolizes the dying cries of old, white, America, this may well be Fox News's last hurrah. And about time too.