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Gay Journalist Has Best Twitter Comeback to Homophobic Asshole Ever

This was savage. Enjoy!

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Twitter given it seems to encourage vapid shouting matches between outsized egos trying to insult each other with as few words as possible. But I do use the medium and appreciate those who have managed to refine Twitter takedowns to an art form. There are some tweets that are so perfect you wish they could be engraved in stone for future generations to see for years to come. And today was one of those days when I was reminded why I won't quit Twitter any time soon.  

While this wasn't a serious political discussion or a meaningful interaction, putting assholes in their place is always a good thing, and Guardian journalist Owen Jones  shamed a nasty homophobe with what must be one of the best comebacks ever. I literally spilt my coffee when I saw this on my feed. Oh, and 'shirt lifter' is a derogatory term for a homosexual. (The original tweet appears to have been deleted): 

Owen Jones

And that was the end of that.