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Sean Hannity Shows How Low the Bar is For Conservative Christian Morality

Sean Hannity will defend pedophiles like Roy Moore, promote despicable conspiracy theories and support a man who grabs women "by the p*ssy" for president.
Sean Hannity and Roy Moore

Sean Hannity and Roy Moore

The entire basis for Fox News host Sean Hannity's existence is the moral superiority he has assigned himself by virtue of his religion and political affiliation. Hannity has spent decades hammering liberals for their godless depravity, extolling the moral virtues of the Christian deity, Republicanism, and free market capitalism. 

However, if you look at Hannity's record on moral issues, one thing becomes abundantly clear: he'll forgive all sins if you are a Republican, no matter how appalling they are. Hannity has: 

1. Vigorously supported and defended Donald Trump, a proven liar who was accused by his own ex-wife of raping her, accused of sexual assault by dozens of other women, and been recorded admitting to grabbing women "by the pussy". 

2. Promoted provably false conspiracy theories about Seth Rich and his supposed murder by the DNC. Hannity only stopped promoting them after the Rich family literally begged him to stop and advertisers began pulling out of his show. 

3. Defended former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and deceased Fox News president Roger Ailes from accusations of sexual harassment, despite the fact that Fox News itself determined they were guilty of the alleged crimes and fired because of them.  

4. Defended an accused pedophile, Roy Moore. The Alabama Republican Senate candidate allegedly initiated sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl and also made advances on other underage teenage girls. Here he was on his radio show late last week spinning the story to pain Moore as the victim and not the teenage girls: 

Okay, so now you've got the swamp, you've got the sewer, you've got the establishment — they hate Roy Moore. Roy Moore, to them, is another Ted Cruz, another Mike Lee, somebody they can't control, Rand Paul, they can't control those guys. The last thing they need is another one of them, that actually believes in the promises they make, et cetera.

There are false allegations made. You know, I can tell you another thing that is a common practice, people make a allegation at, for example, big corporations. Big corporations, they make a business decision, "Alright, if I pay $200,000, this goes away, okay, you're out of here, we're done with you, it's all over," even though they don't believe it happened.

While Hannity is right that everyone should be presumed innocent in a court of law, he is not a court of law and his sympathies should be directed towards the victims and not the accused. 

Basically, pedophilia, sexual harassment and sexual assault are all absolutely fine in Sean Hannity's mind as long, as you are a Republican. This is how low the bar has become for conservative morality in America, and a sign of how empty conservatism has become. It will defend atrocious behavior if it serves its agenda and promote lies and propaganda as truth if it helps their cause. Sean Hannity is the unofficial Republican party spokesman and its chief propagandist. He works for a network so openly biased towards Trump that even the president's close allies and friends believe it has become a complete joke, and his latest idiocy is yet further proof that the network is fast becoming irrelevant as a force in journalism. 

Advertisers are once again fleeing Hannity's show after his defense of Moore -- a welcome development that will help mute his voice. However, the fact that Hannity still attracts major advertisers to his show with his horrendous track record is itself a disgrace, and any company still advertising with him should be shamed into taking their money elsewhere. It is abundantly clear that Fox News will not act to stop Hannity from defending the indefensible and lying through his teeth on a daily basis, so it is now down to the corporations who pay for his show. For a full list of who they are, go here