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James Woods is an Idiot

If you're looking for a case study in what happens to old white men's brains after decades of watching Fox News and listening to right wing talk radio, look no further than vocal Trump supporter and actor James Woods.

If you're looking for a case study in what happens to old white men's brains after decades of watching Fox News and listening to right wing talk radio, look no further than vocal Trump supporter and actor James Woods. 

A celebrity favorite of the hard right, Woods rantings about current events often go viral on right wing social media channels. This morning, I saw on Sarah Palin's facebook page the following asinine twitter quote: 

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.21.39 AM

Going over to Woods's twitter page, I found a treasure trove of right wing idiocy that provides conclusive proof that the hard right have created a completely alternative reality sitting right next to this one. In the world of James Woods, Antifa is plotting to take over America at the behest of George Soros and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is actually president and should be impeached, and Donald Trump is Making America Great Again. 

Here he was blaming Obama and George Soros for gun violence in America: 

Does Woods have any proof George Soros is funding Antifa? In what way is Soros Obama's boss, and what the hell does this have to do with anything? (Also, who knew Obama was still president?)

Here was Woods on liberals blaming the NRA for encouraging mass gun ownership battling all forms of gun control: 

Who exactly said NRA members were committing mass murders? Liberals calling for gun control and holding the biggest gun lobby to account for promoting the use of deadly weapons used in mass murders isn't the same thing as accusing the NRA of actual murder. Without access to lethal weapons, crazy people wouldn't be able to mow down dozens of people on a weekly basis, as seen in every other civilized country on the planet. 

This was Woods fomenting more Seth Rich conspiracy theories, this time shamelessly using Donna Brazile's statement completely out of context

Not that this needs repeating, but no, the DNC and Hillary Clinton did not have Seth Rich murdered. This lie needs to die, now

Here was Woods on Donna Brazile's claim that Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders and the #FakeNews media that didn't cover it: 

Hilariously, the Fox article itself admits that NBC did in fact cover the story. Furthermore, NBC aslo broke the story that Brazile's claims were in fact complete and utter bullshit, making Woods' original point completely meaningless. The election wasn't rigged, and the bombshell turned out to be a total fiction. 

Here was Woods claiming the New York Times ran an ad for 'Antifa' promoting a violent civil uprising against the Trump administration: 

Of course the ad wasn't paid for by Antifa, and wasn't promoting a violent uprising

Here was Woods on (president?) Hillary Clinton being impeached: 

Firstly, Bill Clinton was acquitted after he was impeached. Secondly, Hillary Clinton did not in any way, shape or form rig the Democratic primary and wouldn't have been impeached because of it. Thirdly, why is Woods so focused on Hillary Clinton, who isn't president, isn't running for president and isn't politically active? 

That Woods has the gall to rant about #FakeNews and the #FakeNews media while posting verifiably false statements in almost everything he tweets is a testament to how poorly his brain functions. Seeing no contradiction in posting brazen lies while accusing others of lying is a form of sociopathy that seems to occur incredibly frequently in far right circles. Woods utter shamelessness isn't surprising though given he is a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, a man who built his entire career on lying and cheating. 

Really though, reading through James Woods' tweets is just sad. Sad because he's a very good actor who lost his mind to disgusting right wing propaganda, and sad because he has become an idiotic tool of the worst president in the history of the country he claims to love.