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Fox News is Pretending Republicans Didn't Just Get Their Asses Kicked and That's Insanely Dangerous

When reality bursts their bubble of bullshit, the angry, stupid and well-armed are going to lash out.
Was there an election in Virginia? I hadn't heard about it....

Was there an election in Virginia? I hadn't heard about it....

Fox News, AM Hate Radio and right wing hate sites reached a dangerous new level of propaganda this week when they simply pretended Tuesday's brutal electoral losses for the GOP mostly didn't happen:

Fox News host Sean Hannity was flogged on the internet Tuesday night for spending just six seconds on his broadcast discussing the Democratic electoral victories in Virginia and New Jersey. But when it came to Tuesday’s elections, his show was not the only conservative platform to downplay the results.

Following Hannity, Laura Ingraham led her program with a discussion of the mass shooting in Texas and got to the election results when just 10 minutes remained in her show.

Very little of those 10 minutes were spent discussing how badly Republicans had been beaten, not just in Virginia, but all over the country.

During Shannon Bream’s 11 p.m. newscast, the elections received greater coverage, though still not the same amount of wall-to-wall attention CNN and MSNBC were giving them. Instead, Bream discussed Donna Brazile’s new book, which focuses on problems within the Democratic Party, as well as Democratic funding of the research firm Fusion GPS.

Translation: Ignore what just happened and focus on how evil and wicked the Democrats are. Also, don't worry about the election results, the left is totally in disarray so there's no way they can win in the midterms.

Wednesday morning’s edition of “Fox & Friends” — widely regarded as a Trump favorite — touched on the elections but hardly dwelled. In the 6 a.m. hour, the elections garnered about six minutes of conversation near the top of the show. In the 7 a.m. block, there was four minutes of coverage, and at 8 a.m., the elections again garnered only four minutes of attention.

14 minutes out of 3 hours of programming for a massive Republican defeat? This is not "news", it's fantasy for people living in an alternate reality.

On conservative websites, the election results did receive some coverage, but by midmorning Wednesday, most had moved on. Breitbart had covered the elections Tuesday night, but its lead story Wednesday morning was a reflection on Trump’s 2016 election, a year ago Wednesday. A link to Breitbart’s page on Tuesday's elections was listed at the bottom of its news stack.

Further down the conservative spectrum, by midmorning Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit and InfoWars were all but ignoring the elections—the only stories related to them on the site focused on the notion that Gillespie’s mistake was not embracing Trump enough.

It's easy to shrug this off as the typical alternate universe of the right wing. This is not a new phenomena by any means whatsoever. Back in 2012, Fox News viewers were absolutely stunned when Mitt Romney lost and lost badly after being told repeatedly how close the race was. The sight of Karl Rove sputtering on TV because he had been sucked into the bubble of bullshit became an instant classic.

But that was 2012 and Nazis weren't marching in the streets promising to start a bloody revolution if they didn't get their way. And that's where the right wing media's black out becomes insanely dangerous.

Fast forward to a year from now. It's Election Day 2018. For the past year, Trump's faithful have grown increasingly angry, paranoid, and stupid on a diet of lies and conspiracy nonsense from the only media sources they consume, all of which are dedicated propaganda outlets. Trump's faithful "know" that the Deep State is trying to overthrow the government at the behest of the "Globalist Cabal" (read as: "Jews"). But they also "know" that America is safe because true patriots are going to win the day at the ballot box. Using their own "unskewed" polls, right wing media have been assuring conservatives that everything is just fine and Trumpism will be triumphant again, just like it was in 2016.

But by 8 pm EST, things are already looking bad for Republicans. By 9, they've lost control of several state legislatures and governorships. By 10, they've lost control of the House. By 11, the Senate is hanging by a thread and a few minutes later, it's gone. By the time the sun comes up, the Republican Party is a smoking ruin across the country. Despite the extreme gerrymandering put into place in 2010, Republicans have lost much of their stolen power going into the 2020 Census and any chance of keeping future elections rigged in key states like Wisconsin, Florida, and Ohio.

Unable to accept the fact that they lost, the right will immediately concoct a myriad of excuses. Here are a few you'll be guaranteed to see:

  • Millions of illegal immigrants voted
  • Millions of ex-felons legally voted but that's still illegal (somehow)
  • Antifa blocked Trump voters from voting
  • Hillary Clinton rigged the election
  • Bernie Sanders rigged the election
  • Barack Obama rigged the election
  • George Soros rigged the election
  • Jews rigged the election
  • MSNBC and CNN called the results too early and rigged the election
  • Russia rigged the election (Oh, they'll believe it can happen now, trust me)
  • The Deep State rigged the election

And so on and so forth. They will not accept the results as legitimate. Trump will feed into this by tweeting about "rigged" this and "rigged" that because he'll know (or, more likely, someone will explain to him with pictures drawn in crayon) that a Democratic controlled Congress will eat him alive over the next two years. He's already in a state of barely controlled panic and his followers are picking up on his anxiety. How frantic will they all be a year from now when he's screaming that the entire election should be nullified?

The result will be millions of Trump voters, already convinced they're just days away from being packed into concentration camps for being white Christian conservatives, who just watched an illegal "coup" against the "legitimate" government by whichever boogeyman they settle on. If this doesn't lead to Bannon, Spencer and their burgeoning Brownshirt movement to take to the streets to "take back their country", it would be a miracle.  

Remember, the white nationalist movement considers Trump their last best hope to take control of America. If the left rises up en masse and crushes him, by the time they get another shot in 8 years, too many angry old white people will have died off to put another racist demagogue in office. This is do or die time for Bannon and his little band of Nazis.

The only way this doesn't get ugly is by telling conservatives the truth: Their president is incredibly unpopular and the Democratic base is incredibly energized to kick his ass. It's not going to be what they want to hear but it's a normal political dynamic, not the "coup" they're going to see a year from now when the wave election that everyone except for them saw coming lands like a nuclear explosion.

But if Fox News, AM Hate Radio and right wing hate sites were capable of telling the truth, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in in the first place, would we?

There are 361 days left to the 2018 elections.

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