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White Alabama Voters Will Likely Send an Alleged Child Molester To The US Senate

On December 12th the special election results will show that Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore – a sexual predator and alleged child molester -- will become Alabama’s next United States Senator.
Roy Moore Senate candidate

I have very little confidence that white Alabama voters will do the right thing and send Democratic Senatorial candidate Doug Jones to the United States Senate. On December 12th, I am anticipating that the special election results will show Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore – a sexual predator and alleged child molester who also happens to be a homophobic white supremacist, will become Alabama’s next United States Senator.

Roy Moore’s pedophilia was exposed to a national audience in an eye opening Washington Post story that revealed a sick man who allegedly preyed on young girls when he was an adult. To add credence to their stories, one of the teenagers was able to get Moore banned from entering the Gadsden mall in Alabama. Under normal circumstances, child abuse allegations should be disqualifying in a statewide race and end his political career. However, the Alabama Republican apparatus is making it clear that sexually assaulting teenagers is acceptable behavior. Republican Governor Kay Ivey has come out and stated she would support Roy Moore. He received a standing ovation at a church after these allegations became known to the public. It appears statewide GOP officials within Alabama will not abandon him either. Moore has also seen a large contingent of white evangelicals come out in support of his candidacy, and even called these disturbing revelations and public response as a “A war on men”. Sadly and predictably, multiple women have come forward with their own testimony praising Moore’s moral character.

Roy Moore has another reason to put his faith in white voters of Alabama and believe he will come out victorious on December 12th - it’s because they’ve been there for him time and time again. Moore has risen to the highest ranks of Alabama law as chief supreme court justice with their votes. Moore has been removed twice from this position for various federal law violations (refusal to remove Ten Commandments from rotunda in Alabama’s courthouse and defying an order to grant same sex-marriage licenses) – only to be reinstated by the voters at different times in his career.

Moore is likely taking comfort knowing that a large majority of white voters in Alabama have already shown their tolerance for sexual predatory behavior by overwhelmingly voting for Donald Trump to be President of the United States. Trump’s confessions to engaging in sexual assaultive behavior mattered little to the white voter in Alabama. What got them riled up was his campaign’s focus on hatred of difference, white grievance and racial discrimination that was coded in usual rhetoric of ‘law and order ‘. It was sweet Ol’ Alabama music to their ears and won them over – decisively. Trump won Alabama by a whopping 28%.

In the midst of these foreboding storylines, is there anything to suggest this pedophilic bigot won’t win? Yes. Firstly, there is Democratic candidate Doug Jones. He appears to be a good, decent man who is known in Alabama for prosecuting the remaining KKK members responsible for bombing an African American church that resulted in the death of four black girls back in 1963. In an enlightening interview with the Economist, Doug Jones spoke with humility as to why he is unapologetically a Democrat and why he is willing to work across the aisle on behalf of all Alabamans.

Secondly, there is an early Fox poll that has Doug Jones with an eight-point lead in the wake of the Moore scandal, and thirdly, there is the chance of high black and women voter turnout. While this may seem positive, there is however nothing in Alabama’s recent history to suggest Roy Moore won’t win this race. He is a Republican in a state that reliably votes Republican, regardless of who is on the ballot. As December 12th approaches, money will likely flood into Moore’s campaign and negative ads attacking Jones will flood the airwaves. Moore will attempt to make this election a referendum on liberal media and an attack on Alabama’s conservative, religious roots -- all diversionary tactics to deflect attention away from his unrepentant sins. In the end, the strategy will likely work. White voters of Alabama will prove to America once again that white supremacy matters more than human decency, integrity and laudable morality. Even an alleged child molester won’t change that.

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