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The Alabama "Jew Reporter" Story Exposes 2 Very Ugly Truths About Roy Moore's Supporters

No matter how loudly they proclaim their love of Jesus, the bottom line is that these are not good people and they are far too easily manipulated.
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If you haven't heard by now, a robocall has been making the rounds in Alabama claiming to be from a Washington Post reporter named "Bernie Bernstein". "Bernie" is offering money for dirt on Roy Moore, presumably with the intent of ending his run for the Senate.

Of course, no legitimate reporter would ever do this much less one from the Washington Post. Also, Bernie Bernstein isn't a real person. But "Bernie Bernstein" is unmistakably Jewish and that was the entire point. The robocall was pure propaganda designed to enrage Moore's supporters so they'll ignore the increasingly clear evidence that Moore is a sexual predator that attacks little girls.

Framing the story as "Moore vs. the Media" is standard for conservatives. We've come to expect that. But the inclusion of blatant antisemitism tells us the first ugly thing about just what kind of people support Roy Moore. We don't know who arranged the robo-call but considering the rank (and amateurish) dishonesty of Moore's wife Kayla in recent days, she's a prime suspect. Regardless of who it was, they knew Moore's supporters well enough to know that an "East Coast liberal Jew reporter" attacking their beloved Jesus-lovin', God-fearin', Christian Crusader Roy Moore would make their heads explode in anger. The only way they could have made it more triggering was if "Bernie" had affected a gay-sounding lisp.

When Bannon's white nationalists start recruiting (assuming they haven't already) in Moore country, they're going to find plenty of fertile ground.

The fact that Moore's supporters become more likely to vote for him the more he's attacked tells us the second ugly thing and that's just how easily manipulated they are by such an obvious stunt like this. Even the ones who don't believe it's real will never believe it came Moore or his campaign. They'll convince themselves it came from one of Moore's enemies to make him look bad and redouble their commitment to voting for him.

The bottom line here is that Moore's supporters are some of the very worst people America has to offer. Moore's hate-filled rhetoric speaks to them in such a deep way that they will literally justify child molestation in order to oppose homosexuals because homosexuals are child molesters. Their rage and bigotry has completely short-circuited their ability to reason on even the most basic level. 

This is who Alabama Republicans are but, really, it's who Republicans are nationally. Decades of Fox News, Am Hate Radio and right wing hate sites have burned away their humanity, their morality, and their ability to think beyond their tribe. All that's left now is a blackened core of mindless hate willing to believe any lie in order to accept a child molester, a child molester, before someone from "the other side" because that's how you make America great again.

This is a political movement that has to be destroyed before it can destroy the nation.

There are 355 days left to the 2018 elections.

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