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Why Does ABC Give a Sh*t That Steve Bannon "Slams GOP Senators"?

Is it because they're addicted to horrible people doing horrible things because it generates ratings? Hint: Yes.

Watching the media fawn over Steve Bannon has convinced me that they've learned absolutely nothing from 2016. For the past several weeks, you can practically hear the sound of newsrooms collectively wetting themselves in joy that Bannon, the white nationalist, is trying to wage war on establishment Republicans.

Like a pyromaniac trying to start a fire, the "liberal" media have been giving Bannon all the oxygen he needs with tweets like this:

Let's ignore the fact that, devoid of any context, ABC is simply amplifying the deeply hypocritical message of a Nazi sympathizer. Instead, let's point out the obvious question: Who cares what Steve Bannon says?

No, seriously. Why does ABC find his utterances news? Because he runs Breitbart? Because he's leading a revolt against the GOP establishment? Because he used to work for Trump? Because he's such a handsome, charismatic guy?

Let's take a look at the left wing version of Bannon: Cenk Uygur. Cenk runs The Young Turks, a massive, very successful, very influential media outlet that appeals to the far left. It's just like Breitbart minus the white nationalism, rabid bigotry and misogyny. OK, they're not even slightly the same at all but they're both the leading voices of the anti-establishment movements of their respective sides of the political spectrum. Cenk regularly slams the Democrats, yet ABC, to my knowledge, never tweets about him.

Cenk even has a well-funded organization running primaries against Democrats he feels aren't progressive enough. The Justice Democrats are attempting to do to the Democratic Party what Bannon is trying to do to the GOP. Curiously, we constantly hear about Bannon but not about Cenk. 

Ah, you say, but Cenk didn't work for Trump! True, but a lot of people have worked for Trump, got fired and the press doesn't seem to care about them. Why? If I had to guess, it's because they're not sufficiently interesting villains in the drama the media is creating. And neither, for that matter, is Cenk. Remember, if Cenk wins, the result is a Democratic Party that moves to the left and pushes stuff like single payer and free college. Not exactly riveting storytelling. Progress is boring!

But if Bannon wins? Then we get goosestepping white nationalists demanding we make Adolf Hitler's birthday a national holiday! Outrage! Scandal! Ratings! Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!

Yeah. The media hasn't learned a goddamn thing from 2016. We're all going to die.

There are 21 days left to the the 2017 elections.

There are 385 days left to the 2018 elections.

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