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Trump's First Las Vegas Tweet is Just Awful. Please Let it be His Last

It's in poor taste but at least it was done out of ignorance instead of malice. It's a low bar but that's where we are as a nation.

In the wake of at least 50 people being murdered and over 200 injured in a late night domestic terrorist attack in Las Vegas, Donald Trump tweeted out the following:

I didn't quite catch it at first as I was busy catching up on the details of what had happened and watching the body count steadily rise. I had glossed over the tweet, thankful that our divider-in-chief hadn't blamed anyone (yet) or demanded that we bomb Iran in retaliation (yet), but something was off about it and when I finally went back I realized what it was.

"Warmest condolences"

Warmest? Warmest?


superlative adjective: warmest

  having, showing, or expressive of enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.  
synonyms: friendly, cordial, amiable, genial, kind, fond, welcoming, hospitable, benevolent, benign, charitable, sincere, genuine, wholehearted, heartfelt, enthusiastic, eager, hearty

"Warmest" carries with it a positive connotation. It's something you would say to someone on a good day, not during a tragedy. Instead of an expression of solidarity, his tweet sounded like a Christmas greeting.

Even when he's trying to appear human with emotions other than rage and cruelty, Trump comes off like a sociopath lacking any capacity for empathy. The best thing that we can say so far is that at least he's not using the tragedy to insult anyone although the day's not over so there's still time. It's a terribly low bar to set when we're used to having presidents that speak with eloquence and compassion for the lives lost on their watch but this is where we are as a nation now.

If we're all very very lucky, we can get through this with a minimum of involvement from the White House. They can only make things worse.