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Because Hillary Clinton Definitely Would Have Dismantled Obama's Clean Power Plan Rules...

If you still think Hillary Clinton was 'just as bad' as Donald Trump, kindly f*ck off and let the grown ups continue fighting this regressive administration.
but her emails

Looking forward to 2018 and 2020, the Democrats need to work together if they want to stop the Trump administration plunging the country and the rest of the planet into an ecological abyss, because shit just got very, very real. From the Atlantic

 Since January, the Trump administration has tried to dismantle former President Barack Obama’s broad legacy of EPA rules meant to lessen the blow of climate change. It has largely succeeded. This week, Trump’s team opens a new front in that war.Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, announced on Monday that he will fully repeal the Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s signature plan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from the U.S. electricity sector.

It’s the new administration’s most aggressive attempt to materially transform U.S. climate policy since its departure from the Paris Agreement on climate change in June. The Clean Power Plan was designed to lower greenhouse-gas emissions from American power plants by 32 percent by 2030, as compared to their historical peak in 2005. It constituted the central legal mechanism to meet the American commitments made under the Paris Agreement.Speaking in the coal-mining town of Hazard, Kentucky, Pruitt alleged that the Clean Power Plan represented illegal executive overreach. He also linked it to a “war on coal” that he says was waged by the Obama administration.

This reckless and deeply damaging behavior was predicted by those who follow politics closely and was one of the main reasons sane people literally begged the rest of the country to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election regardless of how they felt about her. But those on the regressive left who claim to be concerned with environmentalism ignored those pleas and refused to vote for Clinton citing her speeches to Wall St. and opposition to legalizing Marijuana. Despite much of the accusations hurled at Clinton being proven wrong, the regressive left stuck to its guns and has continued to maintain she would have been 'just as bad' as Donald Trump. These views were repeated recently by activist Russell Brand (whom I actually like for the most part) on Bill Maher's show. Brand refused to acknowledge that Clinton would have been better, sidestepping Maher's question about 9 million poor children who now won't get affordable health care due to Trump and the GOP's refusal to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that has reduced the uninsured rate among children from 14% to 5%:

Now Trump has dismantled The Clean Power Plan -- a major effort that would have significantly reduced America's CO2 output -- I wonder whether Brand and other ideological purists still feel that Clinton, who proposed very ambitious energy transformation plan that would have greatly improved on Obama's achievements still feel the same way. 

My guess is not, because inconvenient facts tend to get in the way of militantly held ideologies. And sadly, they leave the catastrophic consequences of allowing a madman to run the country to the grown ups who will have to not only pick up the pieces, but continue trying to stop them from wrecking our efforts too.