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Trump is Scrapping the Iran Nuclear Deal Because He Hates You

There's no master plan here, just blind rage at everyone that doesn't worship him.
I'll get you my pretty...and your little dog, too!

I'll get you my pretty...and your little dog, too!

On Friday, Donald Trump threw another temper tantrum with global consequences when he refused to certify that Iran is complying with the terms of the nuclear treaty signed in 2015. The treaty lifted American sanctions while imposing extreme restrictions on Iran's domestic nuclear power program and was hailed as a triumph of diplomacy over mindless aggression. So of course Trump is now pitching a fit over Iran's nuclear power program and putting it all at risk because he's having another terrible week.

Please take a moment to note the phrase "nuclear power program" as opposed to "nuclear weapon program" because contrary to popular belief, Iran has not had a nuclear weapon program since at least 2003. Our intelligence agencies, and more importantly, Israeli intelligence agencies (who have a lot more to lose) were very definitive about this. Iran was not only not working on nuclear weapons, they weren't even talking about restarting the process of working on nuclear weapons.

This is important because as part of Trump's "rationale" for refusing to certify that Iran is honoring the agreement, which according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson it has been, is that Iran is still pursuing nuclear weapons. Again, this is something they abandoned almost fifteen years ago, well before the deal was even discussed and there's no reason to suspect they would suddenly start now.

Expect perhaps the constant threat of war from an unstable American president looking for a way to shore up support at home?

But putting all of that aside, the bottom line here is that Trump is not trying to scrap the treaty because he has some master plan or strategy he's pursuing. He's doing it for the same reason he pulled the United States out of UNESCO and the Paris Climate Accords and why he stopped paying the Obamacare subsidies and why he ignored Puerto Rico and why he's done any of the hundreds of other horrible things he's done over the last several months: He hates you because you hate him and he wants to make you suffer because you're his enemy.

That's it. That's Trump's entire presidency. He really isn't your president. That's not just a slogan on a t-shirt; Trump does not think of himself as President of the entire United States, he's only the president of the people who love him. Everyone else can fuck off and die for all he cares.

He knows that the left hates him so he does things to hurt the left. That's who he is. That's who he's always been. He's a bully with the power of the President of the United States. Until the day he's forced out of the White House, he will sign executive order after executive order, each one of the worse than the last. He will destroy everything the left cares about; the environment, civil rights, education, healthcare, income equality, women's rights, LGBT rights, religious freedom, all of it. He won't do it because he actually understands or cares about any of it, he'll simply ask the monsters he surrounds himself with, "What can I do to make those fucking liberals cry today?" and they will trip over themselves with suggestions on how to make the world worse for anyone not born in a mansion.

Donald Trump hates you and every horrible thing he does is motivated by that fact. He's the kid that pulls the wings off of flies. He's the kid that points a magnifying glass at an ant hill to see them burn. He's the kid on the playground that pushes the kindergartners off the monkey bars to see what happens when they hit the ground. His only source of joy in a job he hates is inflicting pain on his enemies, which at this point is more than half of the country. And the angrier he gets, the more pain he's going to inflict.

The only question now is: Who breaks first? Trump? Or America?

There are 24 days left to the the 2017 elections.

There are 388 days left to the 2018 elections.

Just because it's rigged doesn't mean it's foolproof. Vote Blue.

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