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The Press Has a New Excuse to Attack Hillary and They're Going to Run With it at Full Speed

We're about to see just how easy the "liberal" media is to manipulate by known liars and charlatans.
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Let's not mince words here. The dual investigations announced by the House GOP on Tuesday are a single mountain of bullshit that's about one thing and one thing only: Distracting the press from Trump's train wreck of an administration.

And it's going to work. You could practically hear the Beltway media sob in relief that they'll have something to talk about other than the death spiral of the Republican Party. The GOP is so out of control and the Democratic Party is so not, it's driving the false equivalence addicted press insane. Even the Harvey Weinstein scandal wasn't enough to reestablish the both sides equilibrium the press so desperately needs.

That means they're going to bend over backwards to be as "fair" as possible while covering this "story". The press will get yet another chance to burn Hillary at the stake and there's no way they're going to pass that opportunity up no matter how transparent the ruse. Sure, Trump-Russia is literally the single greatest political scandal in American history but this might be the last time they get to kick Hillary in the face, so treason, collusion, and a stolen election can wait. This is important!

Here's the general outline of the nonsense we can expect:

Distortions: Republicans will take emails out of context and craft a narrative they will then leak to the press. In this narrative, Hillary will be the evil mastermind behind a plot to personally profit from selling uranium to Russia. These leaks will gloss over how she, the Secretary of State, was able to force 8 other departments to do what she wanted, but the press won't bother with such pesky little details like that. Hillary Rules dictate that Hillary is guilty until proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Selective editing: We actually saw Trey Gowdy do exactly this during the Benghazi witch hunt so this won't be much of a surprise. The "liberal" press is already predisposed to treat any story about Hillary and emails as if it were The Great Scandal Of All Time™ and there's no reason to expect this time to be any different.

"Accidental" lies: Whoops! Did the GOP say Hillary had someone killed to keep her Russian connections a secret? They're so sorry! That's not what they meant at all! Wink wink. #SethRich #VinceFoster #HillarysBodies 

One would think that after falling down on the job so badly in 2016, the press would be eager to not be fall back into bad habits again but that's a forlorn hope. Every week or so, Republicans will fabricate a new "scandal" from their investigations and the "liberal" media will blast every single one of these stories out on 11. Then they'll quietly debunk them a few weeks later. Maybe. Don't hold your breath. 

Meanwhile, the Chris Cillizzas and Chuck Todds of the media universe will gleefully return to lambasting "both sides" (but mostly Hillary and anyone refusing to denounce her as The Source Of All Evil™) for being corrupt. Every 4 or 5 Trump scandals will be paired off with one manufactured Hillary "scandal" and no one will be held accountable for how broken Washington is. 

Except Hillary, of course. That crooked, rotten bitch.

There are 11 days left to the the 2017 elections.

There are 375 days left to the 2018 elections.

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