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Alternative Reality Zeta 137 President Trump Spends Weekend Geeking Out Over Science

If String Theory is correct... then this is just a little more depressing.
Space Exploration

President Donald Trump, 45th President of United States of America in alternate reality Zeta 137, spent the first vacation weekend of his Presidency at Camp David with his family. Sources report the First Family enjoyed the beginnings of fall colors, along with gluten free s’mores and hot chocolate.

However the President did step into a bit of a pickle on the social media platform Twitter. Considered the most controversial tweet of his beloved Presidency, President Trump weighed in on the MLB playoff series between the Washington Nationals and the Chicago Cubs. “Cubs great Friday! But lets see the Nats win today! #GoFiveGames #OurPastime” 

The second, non-controversial tweet was a mass congratulations to all the grade school children who tagged the White House twitter account with videos and pictures of their Science Fair projects for National Science Month.

“So many projects! So little time. All are amazing! #SciMonth #STEM”

Zeta 137 Trump, dubbed by the Press as “The Super Scientist President”, took time out of his weekend to film a public service announcement that encouraged young girls to sign up for “Girls in Lab Coats” a program started by Former 43rd President of the United States Hillary Clinton.

“I know we’re from different political parties, but President Clinton was such consummate, and passionate advocate for the STEM field that it would be a crime to not continue her legacy,” said President Trump who held dual doctorates in Nuclear Physics and Chemical Engineering from MIT and Cal Tech.

Swept into office on a wave of hope and excitement for Humanity’s future, particularly regarding Space Exploration, President Trump has work tirelessly on scientific advancement and education making it the focus of his administration. Once referred to as “CEO Planet”, alluding to the popular cartoon “Captain Planet”, the man who earned billions in the fields renewable energy and “rejuvenative efforts” thanks to his own patented inventions, President Trump made good on more campaign promises Friday. Taking a victory lap from the passage of the Warp Drive Act, which doubles NASA’s annual budget from 100 billion to 200 billion with reviewed increases every year for the next twenty years, President Trump released an op-ed in the Washington Post calling for more focus on STEM related research.

“Thanks to decades of investment in science what was once only in the realm of fiction is now on the horizon of reality,” Trump wrote referencing his famous “Project Genesis” campaign speech. “The nations, and citizens of the world have worked together in turning the tide of climate change, and we’ve witnessed the results first hand. We have used our collective energy to advance the body of scientific knowledge for all sentient life. And while we have left the world in a much better shape than we’ve found it we cannot cease. Instead we should cast our gaze upward and begin to take our first steps toward understanding a reality greater than what we currently now know.”

However some critics, notably Senator Ruth Greenlee (D-MN), a former college professor and researcher at the famous McGovern Institute of Science founded by former President George McGovern, was one of the few “No” votes on WDA. “While I share President Trump’s passion for space exploration I also have to keep in my mind my role as a steward of our nation’s resources. The American people have entrusted us with a surplus of over 900 billion in the treasury, and while WDA would only lower that to 700 billion over twenty years I would still need to see more specifics before I could in good conscience vote yes.”

President Trump and First Lady Gloria Trump, former head of Research and Development at GE, 
spent the rest of the weekend helping their grandchildren build a small rocket they launched Sunday evening before dinner. “I would’ve loved to have built a little mover and did a little recreation of a NASA launch but there just wasn’t time,” The President said with a chuckle and a shrug as the First lady shook her head, smiled and patted him on the back reassuringly. “I know it seems a little hokey but I really love this stuff, and I sure hope my grandkids do too,” said the President wistfully just before the tiny rocket zipped into the air with cheers from his grandchildren.