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Paul Krugman Just Slammed Republicans and Their Phony "Tax Reform" as a "Big Scam"

Republicans explode the deficit every time they get into power and the media pretends they never saw it coming. Krugman calls bullshit on the lies.

Paul Krugman is fun to read because he doesn't have to worry about offending the people who run MSNBC or CNN (and he really doesn't care about offending Fox). That means he doesn't have to pretend the Republican Party isn't a bunch of lying weasels so he can speak his mind, like today when he went on a delightful tirade against the GOP's proposed "tax reform" that will add trillions to the deficit:

The "many" Krugman is referring to is the press who absolutely refuse to acknowledge that every time the Republican Party says they care about the deficit, they are lying through their teeth, a fact that Krugman calls them out on:

Indeed, Ryan's budgets are legendary for both their nonsensical math that relied on "magic asterisks" ("We'll find a few trillion dollars in loopholes to close to pay for everything...eventually. Honest!") and the embarrassing amount of praise the beltway media lavished on his obvious bullshit.

But what does a professional economist like Krugman know? Actually, a lot. He knows how the "liberal" media is going to react to the GOP adding trillions to the deficit after 8 years of screaming that adding one single penny was tantamount to treason. Specifically, they're going to react with shock and disbelief:

The answer to that is depressingly simple: The mainstream media does not want to confront the fact that the Republican Party cannot exist without lying about everything all the time.

And there's the crux of the problem. "There is no way to stay both GOP and honest." Can't be done and it's been that way for decades. In order to pursue the core Republican principles of tax cuts for the rich and smaller government for the rich and reducing the welfare state to shift that money to the rich, you must lie to the public about what you're doing and why. It's unavoidable.

Here, I think Krugman is off the mark. It's not a matter of the media being "fooled" so much as they must maintain the "both sides" equilibrium and "neutrality" at all costs. It doesn't matter that Republicans explode the deficit and leave economic ruin in their wake whenever they're office, they say they're fiscally conservative and it wouldn't be proper to call them liars. It doesn't matter that they scream bloody murder about Democrats increasing the debt when it's a matter of simple math to see that Republicans are responsible for most of that increase; the GOP says it's the Democrats and the press has to let the public decide for itself. Best not to take sides.

This is why on the one hand you have a Nobel Prize winning economist like Paul Krugman and on the other you have an obvious liar like Paul Ryan. And this is why the press, supposedly neutral, only listens to the one that spins the fairy tale of a responsible Republican Party; it lets the press avoid dealing with that unpleasant reality Krugman was talking about about. The Republican Party is a giant scam filled with liars and charlatans.

But if we admit that, how do we pretend that both parties are the same?

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