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Jake Tapper Just Ended Bill O'Reilly on Twitter

The word savage doesn't do this justice.
Jake Tapper

Do not fuck with Jake Tapper. That's the message Bill O'Reilly learned today in what has to be the best public takedown of the loudmouthed conservative in years. 

Perhaps in an attempt to remain relevant after he was booted out of Fox, O'Reilly figured it would be a good idea to insult Tapper on Twitter for having low ratings on his show: 

Tapper, to put it mildly, wasn't having any of it and shot back with the following tweet that can only be described as a brutally savage takedown: 

O'Reilly should be grateful that he is still able to make a living for himself peddling right wing idiocy on his podcast given his past transgressions, so why he thought this was a good idea is anyone's guess. O'Reilly is no longer protected by the sexual harassment factory that is Fox News, and as a lone wolf attempting to intimidate liberals and real journalists he has basically lost his fangs. 

O'Reilly is a spent force in the news media, an irrelevant dinosaur wandering in the wilderness trying to find meaning in his life and a way back to his former glory. And unfortunately, Jake Tapper just reminded him of where not to look.