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Jared and Ivanka are Hiding Secret Emails About Hillary Clinton. Please Don't Tell Chris Cillizza

This could be the greatest Hillary scandal of all time if he ever found out.

It's been just about a month now since we found out that Jared and Ivanka have been using personal email accounts on a private email server for government business. It's been three weeks since congressional Democrats asked them to freeze the accounts in place and to not tamper with them; a request that was immediately ignored when the accounts were moved to Trump corporation servers and hidden behind an army of lawyers. We don't know what's in those emails but "some people" say they're full of damning evidence that Hillary Clinton had a second secret email server hidden in the Aztec City of Gold. Maybe. 

Either way, The Washington Post's Sarada Peri is sounding an alarm:

Last week, Politico reported that the National Archives has been warning White House lawyers to make sure that Trump staffers comply with “document preservation laws,” specifically the Presidential Records Act, which requires that all White House communications be captured for posterity. The National Archives isn’t the only institution with concerns. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has asked the White House to provide more information about whether staffers are adhering to the Presidential Records Act. (The White House refused.)

It’s one thing for Trump aides to do the nation’s business over Gmail. They may not have technically violated the law if they forwarded those emails to their work accounts. But the revelation that Jared and Ivanka set up a private email server after the election is, given the Trump campaign’s obsession with Hillary Clinton’s private email server, a bit too on the nose.

I'm old to remember when a private email server was The Greatest Scandal Of All Time™. The "liberal" media couldn't stop talking about it. Chris Cillizza, a "journalist" who wrote for the Post at the time, wrote over 50 articles in a fairly short period about Hillary Clinton and her emails, a story that turned out to be empty calories, a non-story.

By my count, Chris Cillizza, currently at CNN, has written exactly one article about Jared and Ivanka's emails and their over-the-top cartoonish efforts to hide them. The rest of the mainstream press hasn't done much better. We actually had access to Hillary's emails and Cillizza and his fellow vultures invented a scandal that didn't exist when they couldn't find anything worth reporting. Jared and Ivanka are literally hiding their emails and Cillizza, along with all of the people that were once so very concerned about Hillary's emails, have just shrugged their shoulders as if email scandals only count when the name "Hillary Clinton" is attached.

And that's why we maybe need to start a whisper campaign that Jared and Ivanka's emails have secret info about Hillary that makes her look bad (That second secret server? It has pictures of her without makeup on!). If the Chris Cillizzas of the press believed that, they would move heaven and earth to get at them. Is that a cynical way to view the press? Absolutely. Is it a well earned cynicism?

You tell me:

That didn't happen all by itself.

That didn't happen all by itself.

This is not to rehash the 2016 election but it's instructive to keep an eye on just how hypocritical the media can be, especially writers like Chris Cillizza who always seem to find a way to blame "both sides"; an exercise that exists solely to give the right leave to indulge its extremism without consequence. We need our press to be healthy and parasites like Cillizza are part of the reason it failed in its duty to keep a monster like Trump out of office. If anything, idiots like Cillizza paved the way for Trump and now they're flailing about, doing their best to ignore their culpability and looking the other way as Trump's administration does exactly what they set their hair on fire over claiming Hillary was doing (but wasn't).

Sooner or later, the pendulum will swing back the other way (unless Trump burns it down first) and the Democrats will take power. If worthless hacks like Cillizza are allowed to continue spewing their nonsense unchallenged, they'll simply go right back to their old ways of providing cover for Republican extremism in the name of a "conventional wisdom" that doesn't actually exist. We need real journalists, not toadys like Cillizza.

There are 14 days left to the the 2017 elections.

There are 378 days left to the 2018 elections.

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