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Sean Hannity Celebrates a Known Sex Offender's Success to Spite Hillary Clinton

The right's obsessive hatred of Hillary Clinton knows no limits.


We've been writing about Hillary Clinton a fair bit here at the Banter lately, not because she's done anything in particular, but because she remains the focal point of right wing ire. A crazed killer murders 60 people in Las Vegas using high powered artillery? Let's jump on whatever Hillary Clinton has to say about gun control and make that the issue instead. Harvey Weinstein gets exposed for sexual assault? Let's drag Hillary Clinton's name through the mud because Weinstein donated campaign money to her. 

No one exemplifies this misogynistic obsession better than Sean Hannity, who will go to any length, stoop to any low, and tell whatever lie it takes to defend the right. Here's what Hannity tweeted yesterday for no apparent reason: 

In Hannity's mind, O'Reilly's success can't be celebrated it on its own -- it has to come at the expense of Hillary Clinton. It doesn't seem to bother Hannity, who spent this week going after Harvey Weinstein for allegedly sexually assaulting multiple women, that O'Reilly is a known sex offender. Hannity had the gall to attack Weinstein and the Democrats who supposedly didn't speak out about him enough literally weeks after he had O'Reilly -- who was ousted from Fox due to the multiple sexual harassment lawsuits over the years -- on his show to help him promote his book. 

“I have explained over and over on this show, liberals love to be so sanctimonious,” Hannity said on his show last night about the Weinstein scandal. “Holier-than-thou. They are really hypocrites. They claim moral authority over Republicans and conservatives over issues like women’s rights, gay rights, religious freedom.”

The right has become obsessed with the Harvey Weinstein scandal for the sole reason that it gives them some cover when it comes to the astonishing hypocrisy we've seen from them over the years. From Tim Murphy, the militantly anti abortion Republican from Pennsylvania who will be leaving Congress because he got caught telling his mistress to get an abortion, to the election of a sexual predator to the presidency of the United States, the right doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to women's rights or sexual morality. 

Hannity, who has dedicated his life to cheerleading Republicans no matter how idiotic they are, has predictably jumped on the Weinstein bandwagon and is busy perpetuating the talking points circulating Breitbart/Fox and every other half baked conservative outlet. If Hannity had an ounce of shame, he'd keep very, very quiet about Harvey Weinstein given his closeness to two of the most well known sexual predators in America. You cannot in any rational universe love Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump and speak out about sexual assault. Hannity however, lives in his own universe and is doing just that.