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Republicans are Already Surrendering to Steve Bannon

You were fooling yourself if you thought they wouldn't.

Erica Werner from the Associated Press tweeted out this remarkable peek inside the Republican Party two days ago. Do not expect the Beltway Media to pay attention to it:

Translation: The Nazis are marching into Paris and I'm going to be first in line to greet our liberators with flowers and chocolates and wine.

Right now, the press is popping champagne over the GOP civil war that's not really raging. Steve Bannon declares war on the establishment! The establishment declares war on Steve Bannon! All of them still want massive tax cuts for billionaires and they all still hate people with brown skin.

The only "war" going on here is a war of degrees. The establishment is worried that goosestepping down Pennsylvania Ave. throwing Nazi salutes is electoral suicide. Bannon is betting that between voter suppression, the coming brownshirt brigades, and blatant election rigging, he'll have enough of white America back his white nationalism that it won't matter. In the meantime, Bannon is reshaping the GOP in his image the same way he reshaped their base.

That's why Corker and Flake quit and why Inhofe rolled over and bared his throat so easily. It's also why Republicans have been refusing to distance themselves from Trump even as he threatens to wipe out their party in a wave election that will make 2010 look like mild shake up. The bottom line is that the Republican base is so ugly, angry, racist, and, to be perfectly honest, incredibly stupid, that at this point they want goosestepping down Pennsylvania Ave. just to show all the uppity Negros that white people are still in charge and, by God, they're going to stay in charge!

The "moderates" (read as: not willing to be full blown white nationalists), are quitting the party to be replaced by extremists. The cowards like Paul Ryan will try to walk the line between being complicit and feigning innocence until they're forced out by true believers. The rest will "just follow orders" because fascism relies on the weak to accept the immoral and unjust. That's practically a cornerstone of Republican ideology so it won't be much of a transition for them.

The press keeps talking about how Corker and Flake represent a crack in the wall protecting Trump from Republican criticism. That may be true, but it's also a crack in the wall protecting the GOP from Bannon. If Inhofe outing himself as a quisling is any indication, the wrong wall is going to collapse first.

There are 10 days left to the the 2017 elections.

There are 375 days left to the 2018 elections.

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