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Trump Seriously Just Made a Legitimate Case for a Living Wage and No One Noticed

Bernie Sanders should foaming at the mouth about this.

Even though he campaigned as a populist, Trump has been anything but during his disastrous time as president. Almost every single economic policy proposal (if they can even be called "policy") has been geared exclusively towards benefiting the rich, usually at the expense of the poor and middle class. And those economic "policies" not about making the rich richer have been about cutting the United States off from the global economy at the behest of white nationalist ideologues like Steve Miller and "crackpots" like Peter Navarro.

These crackpot protectionist policies recently led to a series of claims that made the press fall over in laughter, namely that a weakened manufacturing base causes, among other things:

  • Higher abortion rates
  • More children in poverty
  • Higher divorce rates
  • Increased drug/opioid use
  • Higher incarceration rate
  • Increased single parent households
  • Higher divorce rates
  • Increased homelessness
  • Lower marriage rates
This is really from inside the White House.

This is really from inside the White House.

The idea that the loss of manufacturing alone is responsible for these problems in, indeed, laughable but if you look at that list you might notice peculiar about it. It's almost like someone took all of the costs associated with a different issue and repurposed them to justify an unjustifiable policy.

That's because that's exactly what they did. Every single problem listed on that graphic can be traced, in large part, to poverty in America and the massive social and psychological damage it inflicts. Even fertility is affected by poverty as poor people tend to eat less healthy food and obesity can have a direct impact on a couple's ability to conceive.

In effect, the Trump White House, in its effort to craft terrible international trade policy, just made the perfect case for a living wage here at home. If they seriously consider the "socioeconomic costs" listed above as a real problem that must be dealt with, a living wage is the quickest and most surefire way to do it. Manufacturing jobs are good but there's simply no way to replace the millions of jobs lost to automation over the years. A living wage, on the other hand, guarantees that just like when the Baby Boomers entered the workforce, an unskilled job will be enough to keep a family out of poverty. Anyone that works hard can get ahead and live the America dream. 

If it hadn't been buried under so much of Trump's other nonsense, Bernie Sanders would be scaling the White House fence by now screaming, "This is what I've been talking about, you orange buffoon!!!!" In a perfect world, Trump would live up to his promise to look out for the average American and push such a common sense solution. The sad reality, however, is that Trump is not a populist and he'll never pursue a living wage because he doesn't care about "the little people" that elected him. He never did and he never will. 

All the more reason to kick him and his Republican enablers out of office and get back to the business of making a living wage the law of the land.

There are 18 days left to the the 2017 elections.

There are 382 days left to the 2018 elections.

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