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Donald Trump is a President Unworthy of Honoring Dead Soldiers

Unsurprisingly, Americans are now finding out President Donald Trump didn’t bother to extend his condolences, prayers or appreciation to the families of four dead soldiers who died in Niger, proving once again he is unworthy of the office that he holds

Unsurprisingly, Americans are now finding out President Donald Trump didn’t bother to extend his condolences, prayers or appreciation to the families of four dead soldiers who died in Niger. But due to public and media pressure, Trump recently reached out to one of the dead soldiers family, and predictably that also turned out to be a disaster. However, anyone who has paid close attention to Donald Trump and his ongoing assault on human decency should have anticipated it.

To fully understand how this could have happened, we have to remind ourselves who Donald Trump is and what he has done up until this point. 

Trump is a malignant narcissist, and a sociopathic white supremacist. His severe personality disorder reflects his inability to empathize and highlights his lack of awareness. Trump’s behavior shows that he derives pleasure by inflicting pain, suffering and humiliation onto others -- he is incapable of self reflection and is driven largely by violent thought as we see when  he engages in constant conflict with others. Trump is a compulsive liar and part of his pathology is indifference to consequence. And when you add his white supremacist history, laziness and limited brain capacity, you end up with the current predicamant we are facing with a deeply disturbed and dangerous man in the White House.

Trump has not only proven to be a despicable human being, he has defecated on the idea of what the President of the United States should be. Trump stupidly admitted to committing an impeachable offense on the Lester Holt show by stating he purposely obstructed justice by firing former FBI director James Comey to stop the Russian investigation. Trump was willing to retain the services of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, even though he knew Flynn might have been compromised by the Russians and quite possibly was a foreign agent with access to America’s top secrets. It wasn’t until it became politically unpalatable that Trump accepted Flynn’s resignation.

Trump was aware that his son in law and senior advisor Jared Kushner attempted to open backdoor communications with the Russians without telling CIA officials. This has become even more suspicious as more information has come out regarding Kushner’s financial troubles and Russian ties. We also know that Trump attempted to obstruct justice by helping his son Donald Trump Jr. provide misleading statements in what appears to be an attempt at colluding with the Russians in trying to obtain harmful information on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. More is to be learned about Donald Trump’s level of involvement with the Russians before, during and after the election. And it is likely that Robert Mueller’s investigation will conclusively determine Donald Trump is a traitor to the United States.

If Donald Trump is proven to be a traitor, no one should be surprised by his betrayal. His on the record acts of obstructing justice already proves him to be a man who callously put his self interest ahead of national interest. Trump has shown himself to be a dishonorable man in every sense of the word. He has engaged in slanderous and false allegations by stating former president Obama didn't call the families of soldiers lost to war. He has attacked war hero John McCain and Gold Star military families. Trump even stood in front of the CIA wall of honor dedicated to fallen comrades and gave a highly partisan and wholly inappropriate speech.

The four Green Berets died protecting our country. They were some of the best trained personnel in the Armed Forces. They died believing in something bigger than themselves. They deserve our honor and respect. What they don’t deserve is the empty salute and sorrow of a dishonorable president. An American president that might have committed treason. The implications of this magnitude should caution us against promoting past rituals and levying the same expectations that we’ve had for past presidents onto Trump.

Let’s stop pretending Donald Trump is a patriot. Let’s stop pretending Donald Trump cares about American ideals and its institutions. And let’s stop pretending that Trump cares about our fallen soldiers. Trump is unworthy of the office that he holds - and there is no honor in keeping him there.

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