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John Legend Schools Chris Cillizza Over His Latest Ridiculous False Equivalency Piece

In the wake of Cillizza's attempt to tie Harvey Weinstein to the Democrats, Legend had a word or two for the CNN newsman.

Yesterday, The New York Times ran a damning expose of film mogul Harvey Weinstein, founder of Miramax and The Weinstein Company, who is being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Because Weinstein has also been a Democratic donor throughout the last few election cycles, some have begun using this as a cudgel to beat up on the left, like alt-right leader Mike Cernovich:

Some Democrats are giving away the contributions Weinstein made to their coffers, led by Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and Massachusetts's Elizabeth Warren, but that hasn't stopped hack journalists from bolstering this false equivalence between the two parties. I am speaking, of course, of CNN's Chris Cillizza, whose hot embarrassing hot take, "Harvey Weinstein is now a big problem for Democrats," only further cements his status as the Worst Person on Twitter Since Bret Easton Ellis.

Allegations surrounding Weinstein's behavior with women had been known in some circles for a long time before yesterday's expose (although to treat these allegations as though "everyone knew" about them before is an insult to the expert reporting done by the Times), so "why were so many Democratic politicians willing to pal around with him and/or accept his money?" Cillizza writes. "Why didn't someone ever mention something to Obama, Clinton, Warren or any of the other grand politicians and organizations that Weinstein lavished money on?"

Cillizza is obsessed with the idea that any critique Democrats have against Republicans is moot because "both sides." The GOP gerrymanders like crazy? Here's a tweet where he claims both sides do it. Greg Gianforte won despite beating up a reporter? "Republicans were right." Donald Trump was the worst candidate ever? "BUT HER EMAILS!" His "hot takes," born of a desire to make everything into a horse race, are a disgrace.

Which is why it was nice to see John Legend take him to task this afternoon, reminding him of his responsibilities as a journalist and public servant:

Legend was probably too nice to Cillizza (reminding me of the last time a successful black man had to talk to a white man many levels beneath his intelligence):


Legend explaining the consequences of Cillizza's irresponsible journalism makes him one of the rare people who uses his Twitter to engage in dialogue and remind us of what needs to be said when we have hard conversations like the one now surrounding Weinstein. 

And in case you don't know much about John Legend, here is his and rapper Common's stirring performance of their Oscar-winning song, "Glory," from Selma: