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In Wake of Vegas Massacre, The Young Turks Go After President Obama

Brogressive Jordan Chariton's tweets condemning President Obama this morning following the Las Vegas massacre were beyond ridiculous.

The Young Turks never met a Democrat they couldn't find fault with, since their Republican-funded network exists to sow dissent among the left. One of the worst offenders is Jordan Chariton, the thirty-one year-old "bro-gressive" reporter with the most punchable face this side of Miles Teller who tweeted this, in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre that saw Stephen Paddock kill more than fifty people from a room at the Mandalay Bay hotel, in response to President Obama's sincere condolences to the victims:

Everyone hates the "thoughts and prayers warriors" at this point, since the phrase become a catchphrase symbolizing inaction in the wake of mass shootings - so much so that there's even a flash game you can play parodying it - but this phrase is meant to demean Republicans, not the party that staged a sit-in last year to pass legislation, and not the President whose gun control bill was defeated in the Senate after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook. Chariton attempted to clarify what he meant: 

This, again, misses the point, turning Jordan's complaints into woulda/shoulda/coulda and ignoring the harsh political realities Obama had to face going up against a Senate where, even though they didn't have a majority, the GOP was determined to run roughshod over him no matter what. Rather than back up and say he was sorry though, Chariton again doubled down on this failed strategy:

These kinds of statements aggravate me to no end - the suggestion that Obama was a better rhetorician than he was a politician. They are the bread and butter of far left outlets like TruthDig, undermining our former President's accomplishments by downplaying them, or worse, using meaningless words like "Neoliberal" to stoke the flames of the Purity Left. Chariton finally apologized here, but the damage had already been done.

Further demonstrating the hypocrisy of Chariton's tweets is the fact that his patron saint, Bernie Sanders, has a mixed record on the subject of gun control, much of it due to the presence of the gun industry in his home state of Vermont. Skipping the Democratic sit-in last year to endorse an anti-choice Democrat didn't help matters either. While Chariton tweeted that he disagreed with Sanders's gun record, he still managed to bring the 2016 primary back into it, smearing his least favorite "neoliberal":

Jordan's been digging himself into this foxhole all morning, and it's nice to see Resistance Twitter give him the pushback he deserves. Of all the things to be disappointed about under Obama's presidency, gun control is a major one, and one that he has admitted to being disappointed by too. What rankles about Chariton's tone-deaf tweets are the idea that any one person can do more about gun control. It makes for great entertainment to depict one man standing against the consensus and standing up for the right thing - but it's fiction. Politics is a collaborative effort, and if Chariton can't recognize that, he should get out of the game. 

Know who does recognize that? The woman he retweeted this morning: 

Note: if you're reading this and you're from Nevada, here's a list of places you can donate blood: 

Also, the Southern Nevada Chapter of the Red Cross is accepting donations.