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Sean Spicer Gets No Second Chances

Trump's former press secretary Sean Spicer made a disgraceful appearance at the Emmys with Stephen Colbert last night, and everyone involved should be ashamed.
Spicer Emmy

I didn't watch the Emmys last night, but I was sent the clip of Sean Spicer 'crashing' the event when he came onstage with Stephen Colbert on his signature White House press secretary podium by several outraged friends. 

"Am I the only one finding this completely irresponsible and not funny?" wrote one friend of Spicer's attempts to make light of his role in the Trump administration and his former boss. I watched the clip, and like my friend, felt a sense of outrage. 

"This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period!” joked Spicer, referencing the lies about the size of his inauguration crowd back in January of this year.

This was all a big joke to Spicer, who has been on a media tour of late in an attempt to repair his badly damaged reputation. Last week, a relaxed looking Spicer had gone on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to laugh about his time working for Trump. 

When asked by Kimmel whether he would have made a big issue out of the crowd size if he hadn't been ordered to by Trump, Spicer replied: "If it was up to me, I would have probably worn a different suit". Hilarious. 

This, it must be remembered, is a man who quite literally sold his soul to work for Donald Trump, lied on a daily basis to the press and destroyed his reputation because of it. He does not get to make light of it now he has been fired and likely wants back in to big time politics or have a career hawking books. Spicer epitomized the Trump administration -- a fourth rate hack politician with no moral compass, no sense of decency and no shame. Spicer went to work for a man who kicked off his political career by questioning president Obama's citizenship, bragged about sexually assaulting women and insulted minorities. Spicer, it should be noted, is a practicing Catholic making his participation in the Trump administration all the more glaringly hypocritical. 

Sean Spicer does not get to satirize his time in office. He does not get to make light of the Trump administration, and he must not get a free pass from the entertainment industry to gloss over his serious transgressions for the sake of ratings. All those involved, including Stephen Colbert unfortunately, should be ashamed of themselves. 

Jimmy Fallon was raked over the coals for brown nosing Donald Trump during the 2016 election, and rightfully so. Politicians expertly use the entertainment media for their own purposes, playing on the industry's need to boost ratings by agreeing to mock themselves. Trump could insult women, the disabled and the families of veterans, then go on Jimmy Fallon and get his hair played with to make things right with the country. And sadly, in America, it works. 

Spicer aligned himself with the most disgusting, incompetent president in U.S history. He gets no second chances, no matter how good the ratings are.