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Jill Stein, Who Has Never Won Anything, Mocks Clinton For Losing to Trump

Hillary Clinton's list of accomplishments in politics dwarfs Steins by any measure, not least being the first female candidate to run in a general election for president.
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Now we have incontrovertible proof that Hillary Clinton was fighting not only Donald Trump in the 2016 election, but the Russian government too, it is fair for those who wanted Clinton to win to cry foul play. But not for Green Party lunatic Jill Stein, who had the temerity to mock Hillary Clinton on twitter for losing an election she actually won by a whopping 2.9 million votes

Firstly, "Clintonites" (or those who preferred a non-fascist candidate for president) aren't trying to convince themselves a Russian funded "corny facebook ad" for Stein was the reason Clinton lost. They are citing the Russian propaganda as yet another obstacle Clinton had to face when running against Trump. And for the record, Stein hasn't won an election of note for anything ever (and has usually finished last), so for her to mock Clinton for losing an election is akin to Rush Limbaugh insulting Usain Bolt for not winning his last professional race. Hillary Clinton's list of accomplishments in politics dwarfs Steins by any measure, not least her being the first female candidate in history to run in a general election for president. 

Stein is a loser's loser -- a professional failure who exists to be a thorn in the establishment's side. This would be fine if Stein hadn't refused to bow out of the race and plead with her supporters to back Clinton to beat Trump after she had made her point about the corruption of the political system in the US. But Stein has the intellectual integrity of Sean Hannity, and the moral courage of Mitch McConnell, preferring to instead to throw her support behind political nihilism and the rejection of compromise. Why? Because the fringe extremists who support her are even more unhinged than she is. 

Stein is after all, a woman who claimed John Oliver is a corporate stooge, claimed Hillary Clinton was more dangerous than Donald Trump, and still refuses to believe Russia hacked the US election despite an astonishing amount of evidence to the contrary. Whatever positive message she has about environmentalism and electoral reform is lost in a sea of bullshit that does nothing to further dialogue or progress in America. Stein is a hardened ideologue who does not see the world as it is, but as she believes it to be. In an age of hyper-connectivity and mass disinformation, Stein's danger is amplified to the point where she can swing an election and pave the way for a demagogue like Donald Trump to rise to power. This isn't to blame Stein entirely for the election of Trump, but she certainly didn't help. 

Stein is free to keep losing elections for as long as she wants, but it is high time she stopped helping real candidates with serious policies doing the same.