Susan Sarandon Sics Her Twitter Bullies on a Black Female Activist

When a Berner retweets something from a Resistance activist, it's always an incentive for the trolls to come out.

The worst members of the Purity Left love insisting that they're being victimized (see: the Nina Turner donut incident) and then deny all wrongdoing when they're caught releasing the hounds on anyone who calls them out for exactly who they are. This happened yesterday when Hillary Clinton hating activist Susan Sarandon retweeted a meme from Queen Bravenak, a black, female activist. 

Bravenak claims that she made the meme as a joke between her and fellow Bernouts who use humor to ease their frustration at those causing division on the left (namely people like Susan Sarandon). She sent it out on the 24th.

Then, on the 26th, Ms. Sarandon picked it up and retweeted it to her activist followers, no doubt knowing full well what she was about to unleash:

Now in case you don't think that retweets like these are incitements for Berners to fight back, here's what some of the worst tweets to Bravenak looked like yesterday. Out of respect for her privacy, I am not including the tweets that doxxed her real name and location, Gamergate style.

"Susan seems quite out of touch with the realities faced by women of color on the web," Bravenak told the Banter. The incident reminded her of Sarandon's harassment of Dolores Huerta, the United Farm Workers co-founder she got in a shouting match with at the Nevada caucus last year. "Her weaponizing her whiteness and wealth to drive white progressives to attack us shows how removed she is from the daily challenges we face," she continued. "I hope she takes time to self-reflect."

It's not just Sarandon who's up to this behavior. This weekend, AwardsDaily founder Sasha Stone got on the wrong side of blogger and writer Katie Halper, the Regina George of the Berners, when she said, "I’ll never understand why you folks can dish it out but then play the victim. You’re like professional victims. Always." Halper then retweeted Sasha's remarks:

Once her legions descended on Stone, she found herself being accused of being a liar, a hypocrite, and anti-semite (even though she's Jewish.)  It climaxed when Halper brought Stone's daughter into it, saying she "can't imagine" what it would be like to be raised by "a sick person." "I have no idea why or how she brought that up," Stone said. "Just a way to hurt me, I guess."

Both Stone and Bravenak spent a good deal of time fending off the trolls over the last few days, giving as well as they could take, in spite of the exhaustion it can cause. "Their MO is to make you think you're crazy," Stone said to me. "Many times she kept saying 'seek help,' which is typical." 

"I block so many of them," Bravenak said. "Honestly, these days, I am getting more and more of them, so I block hundreds...sometimes I think they need a reality check, to know that people are not going to take it anymore and will give as good as we get. People think democrats are weak and easily bullied. I am evidence that we are not."

Even if the abuse is not the direct result of Sarandon or Halper's retweets, they both bear some responsibility for opening Bravenak and Stone up to such attacks in the first place. It is people like them who have given Bernie's movement, which started out with civility back in 2015, the veneer of divisiveness that it will have a hard time shaking off should Bernie choose to run again in 2020.

Update: This article originally stated that Katie Halper worked for Vice News. This is incorrect and the article has been amended.