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Trump Supporters Are Burning 'MAGA' Hats in Protest of His DACA Flip

Trump's base is turning on him. Fast.
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Burning MAGA hats

As president Trump and the Democrats move closer on a deal that would ostensibly protect hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants from deportation, Trump's base is quite literally losing its collective mind. Ann Coulter, who now believes she "bet on a loser", tweeted the following incredible image that liberals could never have believed possible until the past few days:

Just let that sink in for a minute. It appears that deporting immigrant children is the only issue Trump supporters are willing to turn their back on him for. Not conspiring with Russia, not his admiration for sexual assault, not his inability to run a government, only kicking poor brown children out of the country

Joel Pollak, Breitbart’s senior editor was so incensed about the deal that he raise the possibility of a contested nomination in less than three years, stating that the Republican party could see “the emergence of a primary candidate from the right challenging Donald Trump”.

“There are three deal-breakers for Trump’s base,” Pollak said on MSNBC. “Citizenship is a deal-breaker. Two other points: the border wall has to be in the deal, and it has to come before any kind of legal status for DACA recipients. We cannot get that sequence wrong. Republicans did not reject the ‘Gang of Eight’ bill only to have President Trump pass what President Obama couldn’t do.”

Tucker Carlson was equally scathing, calling Trump's deal with the Democrats on his show last night "a massive amnesty, one of the biggest ever granted in American history."

"This is thrilling news for Democrats and for open borders advocates everywhere," he went on.  "In return for this concession, the president receives nothing — no reduction in overall immigration totals, no tightened restriction on foreign workers who take jobs from Americans, no e-Verify to prevent illegal immigrants working under the table, no end to chain migration. The president isn’t even getting a border wall, though he insisted he will somehow get one later, possibly."

It's hard to understand exactly what this new 'bi-partisan' Trump thinks he is doing here, which is probably the point -- he isn't thinking at all. If Trump, who is already deeply unpopular with everyone other than his hardcore base, fails to deliver on immigration, he'll be isolated like never before. So desperate for approval and getting 'wins', Trump has made a gigantic political pivot by working with the Democrats. It's a move that could benefit him in the short term, but will neuter him badly in the long term. While the Democrats are making nice with him now, should they take back the House or the Senate in 2018, they'll move to impeach him immediately. And without support from his base, Trump is basically toast. 

Tick-tock, Mr. Trump. Tick-tock.