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Susan Sarandon Tweets in Support of Dreamers; It Does Not Go Well

Trump was going to bring a "Revolution," remember?

In March 2016, Susan Sarandon went on All In with Chris Hayes to voice her support for her primary candidate of choice, Bernie Sanders, against frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The interview was filled with anti-Hillary talking points, but it was this exchange that made her a noxious symbol of the "Bernie or Bust" movement:

Sarandon: I'm going to see what happens [regarding whether or not she'd vote for Hillary.]

Hayes: Really?

Sarandon: Really.

Hayes: I cannot believe as you're watching...if Donald Trump...

Sarandon: Some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in, things will really, you know, explode.

Hayes: You're saying the Leninist model of [a counter-argument for letting the greater evil win.] Don't you think that's dangerous?

Sarandon: If you think it's pragmatic to shore up the status quo right now, then you're not in touch with the status quo.

Well, the status quo had their say, and they preferred Hillary Clinton by four million votes in the primary and three million votes in the general, but Susan's wasn't one of them: she couldn't bear to vote for someone she didn't agree 100% with, so she threw her vote away on Jill "Russian Dinner Invitee" Stein. 

Since the inaugural, there's been a "Revolution" in some circles - Emily's List has registered more than 10,000 women who want to run for office, for example. And there have been a number of celebrities who've become great activists in their own right, like Ugly Betty star America Ferrara, and House of Cards creator Beau Willimon. But what has Susan Sarandon done? Here's a couple of highlights:

- She's refused to apologize for her previous remarks.

- She's fought Debra Messing on Twitter.

- She made a second appearance on Chris Hayes and accused him of not being a "real journalist."

- She dropped out of attending the Bernie Sanders-backed People's Summit in June after citing a "scheduling conflict." 

- She delivered a decent performance as Bette Davis in FX's miniseries Feud and got an Emmy nomination for it. (That said, I will go crazy if Nicole Kidman doesn't win for giving one of her all-time-best performances in HBO's Big Little Lies.)

Now, in the wake of Trump's disastrous decision to repeal DACA, potentially deporting thousands of immigrant children out of the United States, she has managed to take a break from walking the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival to remind us that she really does care about the big issues:

It's possible that her tweet was well-intentioned. Maybe Susan genuinely wants to help those who are being threatened by Trump's stupidity. Fortunately, the internet has a long memory, and they are not letting her forget how her obstinacy during the most fraught election since the Civil War helped bring us to where we are now:

Susan Sarandon may have spoken enthusiastically of "revolution" last year, but she's done nothing to help those who are actively working to bring about social change with movements like The Resistance and Black Lives Matter, preferring to spend her time retweeting sophists on Twitter and going to film festivals. Her statement on DACA is as empty as the ones Republican politicians make after mass shootings occur, and the same rebuttal to them applies to her: Ms. Sarandon, fuck your thoughts and prayers.