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Donald Trump is America’s anti-woman, domestic violence president. He talks, acts and thinks like a domestic abuser, and has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women over his lifetime. His misogynist behavior has not subsided while in office, and Trump remains at his core, deeply hostile to women. 

One of Donald Trump’s ex-wives claimed she was raped by him - but later retracted her statement once it became public. His administration is filled with accused domestic abusers, and who can forget the now infamous tape where Donald Trump openly bragged about grabbing women "by the pussy" and his failed attempt to cheat on his current wife Melania (with another married woman). The full content of this audio should be transcribed and placed on his tombstone for future generations to see.

Donald Trump bought the rights to the Miss Universe pageant and one of the perks he’s verbalized in public is the opportunity to walk in on young women either scantily clad or nude in the dressing room. Creepily, Trump even suggested if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he would consider dating her.

America watched Donald Trump’s disgusting attacks on Hillary Clinton, taking aim at her womanhood and even her marriage throughout the campaign. Trump repeatedly used demonic overtones, calling Hillary “the devil” and “crooked Hillary” in a crass attempt to tap into the religious sensibilities of the masses. Trump wanted Americans to see Hillary Clinton as not only unacceptable, but worthless and disposable. Trump reinforced this message when he gave his blessing at the Republican convention to daily engage in chants of “lock her up, lock her up” when referencing Hillary Clinton.  “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband," said Trump on one particularly nasty occasion, "what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

Since being in office, Trump’s public conduct toward powerful women has been embarrassing yet wholly predictable. The refusal to shake German Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s hand is indicative of an insecure, petty man. Trump, while in the presence of his wife Melania and French President Emmanuel Macron, made a sexually suggestive comment to the French president's wife Brigitte Macron.

Legislatively, Trump’s utter disdain and low regard for women is abundantly clear. He is pushing to severely cut funding for domestic violence programs and signed an executive order banning international nongovernmental organizations that offer or advice on a wide range of family planning and reproductive health options if they include abortion (even if U.S. dollars are not specifically used for abortion-related services). Trump’s harsh immigration policies have also had a demonstrably negative impact on undocumented women coming forward regarding their own experience with domestic abuse. Trump wants to defund Planned Parenthood and Medicaid, which disproportionately affect women. His priorities prove he’s serious about harming, weakening and marginalizing women all across this country.

Donald Trump’s life of sexism, verbal and emotional abuse, coupled with allegations of sexual assault, travels with him wherever he goes. His need for power and control preceded his presidency, and remain ever present in his administration.Trump is a man unwilling to change and his gender based tyranny and personal pathology is now in the public domain. But there are millions of women around the country who suffer a private hell at the hands of domestic partners.

Trump seems uninterested in the humanity and pain of women who have been beaten, bloodied and sometimes killed in front of their children by an abusive partner as evidenced by his public silence on this issue. Trump hired Jeff Sessions to be his top law enforcement official and it is no coincidence that when he was a Senator, he voted against the Violence Against Women’s Act. It’s fair to question if Donald Trump is even aware of the domestic violence hotlines that are set up around the country for victims seeking advice, comfort or shelter. Trump doesn’t seem to care if his abusive actions toward females re-traumatize women in communities around the country. He likely sees women who leave their state of origin where family and friends reside to escape domestic torture as “losers”. He lacks the empathy to situate himself in a woman’s predicament in trying to understand how fear, economic dependence and a desire to keep a family together complicates their decision to leave an abusive, toxic relationship. Those women who take the bold steps to enter witness protection programs and file protection from abuse, (PFA) deserve our praise and support. President Obama expended a significant amount of energy on promoting and funding women's issues and speaking out against domestic abuse. Trump has of course done nothing and remained completely silent on the issue. 

One of the outcomes of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States is to remind Americans that we have a national problem with women. Donald Trump did not run a deceitful campaign to win. America witnessed time and time again, how openly nasty, vulgar and disrespectful Donald Trump has been toward women. And he still won. He exposed America’s deep seated tolerance of violence against women. The statistics on domestic abuse are alarming. Domestic violence is a human rights and public health issue and deserves the investment of our nation to confront it. Unfortunately with Donald Trump as president, the fight to address domestic violence does not have a friend in the white house.

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