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Trump's Staff is Forced to Treat Him Like a Toddler and Here's the Depressing Proof

This is so much worse than I had thought.
I said two scoops of ice cream! You're fired!

I said two scoops of ice cream! You're fired!

It's clear to anyone paying attention for the past 40 or so years that Donald Trump acts like a spoiled brat. That this personality defect has taken center stage since his illegitimate election is an understatement. But it's easy to dismiss me when I say this, I'm just a filthy liberal scum that hates America, after all. And I'm Jewish so you just know I'm part of the conspiracy to replace white people via White Genocide™.

This is where Daniel W. Drezner of The Washington Post comes in. Sure, his name sounds Jewish so he obviously can't be trusted but he's taken to cataloging all the different times Trump's own (presumably non-Jewish) staff has talked about him like he was a hyperactive 2-year-old suffering from ADD. This effort has three simple rules:

1. The example has to be sourced from an ally of Trump.
2. The example has to come from a mainstream media news source.
3. Keep repeats to a minimum. 

The goal here is to be as free from accusations of bias as possible. By only citing Trump's own people from reputable sources, it paints a much starker picture than if you were listening to Deep State operatives like Rachel Maddow or Joe Scarborough or Reince Preibus. Avoiding repeats keeps the list concise.

And what a list it is! From Trump's addiction to cable news to his inability to read briefings without having his name sprinkled in to how he requires two scoops of ice cream when everyone else gets one, the list gives us a glimpse of behavior that would make the most spoiled prima donna blush in embarrassment:

There's more and some (most?) of it is worse. And remember, all of these quotes and stories are from his own people who, by definition, are invested in maintaining a positive image for their boss. It's not hard to imagine how much they're holding back to cover for the man child pretending he's a world leader. If they manage to stop him from carving his initials into the Resolute desk, that's probably the best they can hope for.

Trump supporters will, of course, label Drezner "fake news" and ignore it but his list, like Amy Siskind's authoritarianism watch, is an invaluable tool to understand just how dangerously unfit for office Trump is. With the media still struggling to normalize what cannot be normalized, it's more important than ever to not be lulled into accepting his behavior as "presidential." It's the only way we'll stay focused enough to undo the damage Republicans caused by allowing an angry toddler to demean the Oval Office.

There are 441 days left to the 2018 elections.

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