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Bantercast Episode 6: Zoe Ligon, The Sex Educator

Orgies, sex camps and learning to love your body, we discussed it all on this week's crazy episode of the Bantercast!!
Zoe Ligon 2

In today's hilarious and thought provoking episode of the Bantercast, Ben and Michael speak to Zoe Ligon, a sex educator and founder of, an online ethical sex toy store. On the show, we talk about polyamory, pornography, homosexuality, sexual spirituality and sex camps (yes really!). Listen below:

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Patrons Only: How to Survive and Orgy

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In today's extremely NSFW Patrons Only podcast, we spoke to Zoe about how to survive an orgy, why they (can be) awesome, and why western society's attitude towards sex is completely insane. Get ready to have your conventional understanding of sex, relationships and monogamy completely blown apart!

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