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Trump Retweets Racist Meme From Racist Account

YouTube wrestler Jerry Travone provided the eclipse meme Trump retweeted today.

Today Donald Trump retweeted this:

There's little analysis one can do of why Trump retweeted this, because we already know why he did:

1. He's a thin-skinned bully who only wants praise.

2. He's a racist piece of shit.

But how about the guy who's responsible for the tweet in the first place, Jerry Travone? Where'd this guy come from? 

Looking at his YouTube channel, it appears that the majority of Travone's videos involve wrestling or gaming. He has 4,897 subscribers as of this writing (let's hope he doesn't get more after this.) His YouTube "About Me" section also makes you wonder if he passed spelling as a child:

He misspelled "their" as "there."

He misspelled "their" as "there."

But apart from all this, could this New Jersey YouTuber actually be a nice person apart from that? We've heard so much about how some people who voted for Trump are actually good people, so could Travone be one too?

If this President retweets you, the answer is, "No, of course not." 

Here's the final proof of Travone's racism: this video, of him in his far, going on a racist rant about Colin Kapernick. I could only watch a few minutes of it, but the juiciest part starts around 2:25. If you can make it through the whole thing, then you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

This kind of crap would make Travone unemployable at any respectable business, and the way things will go for him after this, he will probably become a pariah in all but the MAGA-iest of the MAGA communities. I can even see "free speech advocates" taking him on as a martyr if he is exiled, much the way they've done with James Damore, author of the infamous "Google Memo." 

Besides, people like Travone are focusing on the wrong eclipse: