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Trump Supporters Really Are Some Horrible C**ts

A Trump supporter shouted "McCain needs to die now" at protestors in Phoenix yesterday. How lovely.
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I genuinely like to see the best in people, regardless of political persuasion or religious affiliation. I also have close friends who are Trump supporters and think they are fine people (with whom I disagree with profoundly of course). But after seeing this heartbreaking tweet from Meghan McCain, I feel it appropriate to make a sweeping generalization about the average Trump supporter: 

They really are some horrible cunts. And I make no apology for the use of "cunt" in this particular instance. What kind of a person does this? Of course there are people on the far left who are equally repellent -- ideologues who place their own interpretation of politics ahead of compassion for their perceived enemies:

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As repulsive as I find those on the far left and far right calling for John McCain to die, I wouldn't wish death upon them. Why? Because I'm not a cunt. I profoundly disagree with John McCain's politics and his penchant for using the American military to achieve political goals. There isn't a war John McCain hasn't wanted to get involved in, but I don't wish death upon him. Why? Because I'm not a cunt. I profoundly disagree with Donald Trump's politics and view him as an serious threat to the survival of the human species. But I don't wish death upon him. Why? Again, because I'm not a cunt. 

The world is a complicated place and it is okay to get angry about the injustices you see and the pain you feel. But it is not okay to wish death upon people with whom you disagree with. Genocidal dictators, child killers and sex traffickers maybe. But cancer ridden, decorated war heroes who were tortured, political activists and anyone not committing crimes against humanity? It's not your goddamn place. 

The Trump supporter screaming at protestors in Phoenix wants McCain dead because he prevented the president from destroying Obamacare and booting millions of people off of their health insurance. We know that Trump supporters voted for the president mainly due to racial issues. Their continued support of a man who took two days to condemn white supremacists after an appalling terrorist attack, and then walked it back almost immediately is telling. Those who still support the president are signaling to the rest of society that racism is tolerable and hatred is fine as long as taxes are being cut and borders closed off. And in many cases, expressing your own virulent racism and hatred is what it means to be a Trump supporter.  

In short, those who still support the president are, well, you get the picture.