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Faced With Political Annihilation, Republicans Suddenly Want to Sound Like Liberals

They had their chance to speak up and they blew it. They built that Trump-shaped coffin and now they should be buried in it.
Why, yes, I did enable the rise of Trump. But I feel really bad about it now. Honest!

Why, yes, I did enable the rise of Trump. But I feel really bad about it now. Honest!

Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes, Jeff Flake, some guy named Julius Krein, and an ever growing list of staunch conservatives are setting the media's heart aflutter by bashing the ideological train-wreck the conservative movement has become.

It's weird, though, because while they're supposed to be conservatives, they sound an awful lot like liberals. Here's the latest progressive mimic, Lance Dutson:

The intellectual backbone of the Republican Party is broken, and this has caused our party to languish in a fetid swamp of stupidity so grotesque that our president and our governor [Paul LePage] cannot establish a moral difference between the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Lives Matter movement.

And this is no longer a passive act: Republicans have given safe harbor to the practitioners of this opportunist, hateful stupidity and are helping them to attain power.

Well, yes. That. Except for the part where Republicans give safe harbor to opportunist, hateful stupidity. Safe harbor nothing, that's been their entire game plan since Nixon instituted the Southern Strategy and they've been slowly ramping up the hate and stupidity for 60 years. The advent of Fox News, AM Hate Radio and Drudge put the Southern Strategy on steroids and Republicans lost control of the monster they'd created. It'd be delicious karma if it didn't come at such a high cost to the rest of us.

Still, the parade of right wingers that have suddenly found Liberal Jesus is grating on my nerves. The left has been saying the right is spiraling out of control for years. Did anyone listen? Not really. Instead of landing speaking gigs on MSNBC or columns in The New York Times, liberals were condemned as unamerican traitors and banished from the public square. 

But toxic patriotism only seems to work in one direction. When liberals accurately scream that democracy is in danger during Republican presidencies, we are pariahs. When conservatives lie that democracy is in danger during Democratic presidencies, it's just politics and we really should blame both sides. When conservatives accurately scream that democracy is in danger during the Trump presidency, repeating almost verbatim what the left has been saying, they're greeted as wise sages.

Quite the scam America has going on to protect the right from itself.

None of them had the courage to speak up when the Republican Party became the party of intellectual violence. They didn't have the courage to speak up when the GOP began disenfranchising millions. The certainly didn't have the courage to speak up when the madness of the Tea Party and Republican scorched earth politics won back Congress. No, they only had the courage to speak up when the GOP finally became terminal after 60 years of poisonous nativism and anti-intellectualism. Faced with a wave election and institutional collapse they may not be able to recover from, Republicans are bravely scrambling to distance themselves from their entire professional careers.

Forgive me if I don't extend an olive branch to the people that enabled the moral, economic and political destruction that has crippled the United States.

Of all the right wing talking heads, David Frum gets a soft pass because he turned his back on the GOP's death spiral back in 2010. Yes, it was 15 years after Newt Gingrich turned the Republican Party into the party of personal destruction but it was before the GOP went completely insane with the Tea Party. There's something to be said for an alcoholic that recognizes he has a problem before he's drinking 4 bottles of scotch a day and his liver fails. On the other hand, Sykes, Noonan and the rest are gratifying themselves in public because they didn't throw water on the grease fire they started. Bravo! Truly, they're the heroes of their own stories. 

But since they're the reason we're on the brink of collapse in the first place, why are we being forced to listen them tell it?

There are 439 days left to the 2018 elections.

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