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Thanks to Photo Journalism, We Can Refute All the Lies Trump Told in Phoenix Last Night

At his speech last night in Phoenix, the crowd simply wasn't there, and the photos prove it.

Donald Trump's speech in Phoenix, Arizona last night was a seventy-five-minute screed from an old man about all the things he didn't like. For seventy-five minutes, he offered more praise to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Jeffrey Lord than to Heather Heyer, mispronounced Minister Franklin Graham's name as "Franklin Grame," ranted about the "dishonest media," and even went so far as to read everything he'd said denouncing Charlottesville. This was ostensibly to prove to us that he didn't morally equivocate between the marching Neo-Nazis and the counter-protestors who showed up to stop them (spoiler alert: he did.) It was a disaster, and the "dishonest media" has taken him to task for it, most powerfully in these remarks by CNN's Don Lemon:

But one of the biggest lies Trump told was at the beginning:

"Wow, what a crowd...what a crowd. And just so you know from the Secret Service, there aren't too many people outside protesting. That I can tell you. Lot of people in here, lot of people pouring in right now."

Well, that simply wasn't true. Let's take a look at the people who were protesting outside last night:

There were throngs of protestors outside last night's speech, and while it was mostly peaceful, the police still used tear gas and pepper spray, and there will be an investigation into whether or not this was necessary. Phoenix, a city in a state that voted for Trump, hates him as much as the rest of us do. 

But how about those crowds who came for the speech? They were really huge, right? Like, the best crowds? 


Oh wait, that photo is fake. That's right: Trump voters posted fake photos of people lined up in Phoenix to see their Orange Overlord. This gimmick was seen for what it was right away, since that's not even Phoenix - it's Cleveland, during the Cavaliers championship parade last year. But in a post-fact America, who cares?

Here's what it really looked like inside the arena where Trump gave his speech:

If that wasn't pathetic enough, The Washington Post reports that, as the speech went on, the crowd got smaller and smaller. Could that attribute to Trump's growing anger at everyone and everything throughout the speech? 

This is the man who sent hand turkeys to Graydon Carter after the Spy Magazine founder coined the phrase "short-fingered vulgarian" to describe everyone's least favorite New Yorker. This is a man who claims to be 6'3 when his driver's license says he's 6'2. This is a man who claims to be 236 pounds, even though 236-pound men know that's a lie. And let's not forget what he said to Marco Rubio about the size of his Dirty Dingus McGee.

None of Trump's lies about size are new. But thanks to photojournalism, we can laugh at them and troll his idiot supporters more easily.