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Trump Takes on the Sun's #FakeRays During the Eclipse

Nothing to see here folks. The Sun's rays aren't real.
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President Trump was told by aides not to look directly into the sun's rays during today's eclipse because of the permanent damage it could do to his eyes. Of course the president paid this warning no attention because he knew that the sun's rays are a creation of the #FakeNews media. 

So when 2.42pm ET struck, the president bravely confronted the #FakeNews media and #FakeRays of the sun and stared down the star that the earth (reportedly) orbits. As the moon crossed the sun's path, Trump stared directly upwards while liberals shamefully covered their eyes to avoid irreparable damage known as "solar retinopathy". 

Here was the fearless Commander in Chief proving to America that the sun was no match for the most successful president in history: 

Donald Trump: 1

The Sun: 0