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Republicans are More Worried About Their F*cking Tax Cut for Billionaires Than About Trump Defending Nazis

There is no question where their priorities lay and that's tragic.

If you were wondering why the GOP's response to Donald Trump publicly defending Nazis has been so muted, prepare to be less than surprised:

Congressional GOP leaders are hoping to recover from their failed effort to replace the Affordable Care Act and salvage their legislative agenda by unifying the party around tax reform, but Trump has spent recent weeks publicly antagonizing key lawmakers and fanning controversy with his response to last weekend’s racist violence in Charlottesville.

Several key lawmakers said Trump will need to focus on selling the GOP’s tax plan when Congress returns in September, and they worried that the difficult job of passing a massive tax package will be nearly impossible without the president playing a key role.

Translation: They need Trump to give the richest 1% of Americans a massive tax cut and if they have to put up with a Nazi sympathizer to do it, they will.

That, in a nutshell, is the modern day Republican Party. No moral compass. No love of country. No ethical restraints. The billionaires that own their party want that tax cut and nothing is going to impede their agenda. This is a defining moment for the GOP and they're failing by every imaginable metric. When the history of this era is written, the question will be asked, "What did Republicans do when the President of the United States stood up for Nazis?" and the answer will be, "They ignored it and cut taxes for the rich."

Eisenhower is going to rise from his grave so he can kill himself out of shame.

Even hardcore, tax cut loving conservative Bill Kristol thinks that maybe Republican priorities are a bit misplaced:

That's the same Bill Kristol that merrily cheered Bush's descent into warmongering after 9/11 and even he thinks Republicans are letting Trump go too far. That's where we are today as a nation because Republicans put party so far ahead of country that "Republican patriotism" is a punchline. And a bad one at that.

In exactly the same way Republicans hitched their wagon to the Tea Party in the hopes that they could ride it to electoral victory, the GOP jumped on the Trump Train and kept their fingers crossed it would all work out. But just like the Tea Party turned into a nightmare that shattered the party's ability to govern like adults, so has the presidency of Donald Trump become a pair of cement shoes, dragging Republicans down to a watery grave under a coming wave election. They're already running out of time to break loose from Trump's fatal lunacy and all the tax cuts on the world won't be worth the destruction of their party.

On the other hand, if their precious tax cut is so important that even Nazi sympathizing can't dissuade them from bending the knee to a monster, perhaps it's time to let the GOP drown. The world will be better off without them in it.

There are 444 days left to the 2018 elections.

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