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Bannon is Going Back to Breitbart to Declare War on the Republican Party

More chickens coming home to roost.

Now that Bannon has "voluntarily" left the White House, Axios reports that he will be the attack dog of the billionaire Mercer family and he's ready to take on the "globalists" (read as: "Jews") that are running the world.

In other words, despite ridiculing the KKK and Nazis, Bannon is going to be their White Knight, emphasis on the "white", in their war against the Global Jewish Conspiracy of White Genocide™. Part of that war will be against Trump's administration (not necessarily Trump himself), but mostly it will be against the system that Bannon loathes and that very much includes strangling the Republican Party.

We can expect to see a slew of Breitbart-endorsed candidates backed by Mercer money that will be of an even more extreme bent than the Tea Party. These candidates will not be Republicans in anything but name, coming in with the singular goal to complete the destruction Bannon started. 

It's going to be like watching Freddy Krueger fight Jason Voorhees. It sounds like fun unless you're one of the teens the winner will be coming after when the fight's over.

The problem for America is that Bannon's weapon of choice will continue to be the alt-right fueled by pure white nationalism. They've gotten a taste of real power now and they will not go willingly into that political good night. Republicans, in their infinite wisdom, allowed Trump to make white nationalism almost acceptable so now the only way for the GOP to beat back them back is to either move to their right and go full Nazi themselves (somehow railing against Jews while remaining loyal to Israel) or to tack hard towards the less rabidly racist center which risks alienating their rabidly racist base. Long before Breitbart and the alt-right came along, Fox News, AM Hate Radio and Drudge Report had spent well over a decade whipping the right into a frothing mixture of racism, rage and paranoia. Republicans have about as much chance of steering away from that as the Titanic did steering away from the iceberg with what will most likely be the same result. Glub Glub.

The result will be yet another faction emerging in the GOP that will drag it even further to the right as the Mercers replace vulnerable Republicans with openly white nationalist Breitbart candidates. They'll rant about immigrants and Muslims but they'll always have a soft spot in their rhetoric for hating Jews, sorry, I meant "globalists". It's like a security blanket for these monsters. 

Right wing voters, already primed to follow whichever crazy person yells the loudest and angriest will be easy pickings. Fox may own the older demographic but Breitbart will own the younger ones and Fox's audience is rapidly dying from old age so their grip on the party will be continually weakening while Breitbart seduces their grandchildren to attend more Tiki torch rallies. 

And in the process of making the Republican Party the party of open white nationalism instead of the party of dog whistle racism, the violence in our streets will continue to escalate. The alt-right thrives on chaos and disruption and anything that can undermine the pillars of our democracy works to their advantage. Weaponizing it will be simplicity itself for Bannon, a man without a shred of decency or conscience.

Pushing Bannon out of the White House had to happen but that doesn't mean the danger has passed. We have an opportunity here to capitalize on the coming war but at the same time, we have to be willing to stand with any Republican willing to unequivocally denounce Bannon's monsters. It won't do us any good to beat the GOP if what takes their place is even worse. 

In the meantime, our best bet to stop all of this before it gets too ugly is to overwhelmingly crush the right in the next series of elections and immediately free the vote from the chains the GOP has put it in while safeguarding ourselves from Russian interference. Breitbart can only win if the election is rigged as it has been for the past several years. Nazis do not win free and fair elections in the United States. We can shed a sad tear for the once great Republican Party when they're no longer a threat to the very existence of the United States.

There are 444 days left to the 2018 elections.

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