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Trump Hates Obama So Much, He Had His White House Bike Station Removed

Our country is being run by tiny men with tiny minds and tiny ambitions.

Sometime in the past few months, the Trump White House quietly removed a Bikeshare station that was only available to White House staff:

The District’s Department of Transportation confirmed Wednesday that it removed the nine-slot Bikeshare station this week at the Trump administration’s request.

Unlike every other Bikeshare station in the region, this one was not accessible to the public and could only be used by commuters who had access to White House grounds.

If you're not familiar with Bikeshare, it's a public transportation system in which you inexpensively rent a bike and ride it from one station to another instead of using mass transit or driving. The idea is to alleviate traffic and if you've ever driven in D.C., you know how horrendous it can get (Ranked #2 worst traffic in America!). Yes, it's good for exercising but its main point is to avoid the monster traffic jam masquerading as our nation's Capitol.

No one, not even Donald Trump, can argue that increasing traffic makes America great again so why remove it? The annual upkeep is less than $2000 or about the same amount of money spent for two minutes of Trump's almost weekly golf trips. It wasn't taking up desperately needed space. It wasn't an eyesore and in any event, it was tucked away in a corner. It was a simple convenience for staffers looking to avoid the nightmare of D.C. traffic. So what's this all about? Simple: Obama was the one that installed the bike station. 

From gleefully undoing as many Obama regulations as he can to savagely attacking Obama's signature healthcare legislation, Trump has had an almost deranged focus on undoing his predecessor's legacy. Not since Ronald Reagan removed Jimmy Carter's solar panels has a president been so obviously petty and petulant. Frankly, it's surprising that Trump hasn't ripped out Michelle Obama's vegetable garden and turned it into his own personal KFC stand. Of course, he would have to walk to it and Trump has shown he's quite lazy for a world leader supposedly exploding with "stamina."

It's a small, inconsequential thing but it speaks to the childish immaturity of the Trump White House that they would even bother doing this. Whatever nonsensical lie they cobble together to justify it won't change the fact that they did this just to jab a finger in Obama's eye. Our country is being run by tiny men with tiny minds and tiny ambitions. America deserves better and we will never forgive or forget the 65 million conservatives that voted to make America small again.

There are 446 days left to the 2018 elections.

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