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After Charlottesville, Trump's Poll Numbers Are So Bad He is Effectively a Lame Duck President

This isn't just bad, it is cataclysmically bad.
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It seems sad to revel in someone else's misfortune, but Donald Trump's disastrous poll numbers is a joyous sign that the majority of Americans are finally coming to terms with the fact that he should not be anywhere near the White House. In the wake of the terrorism in Charlottesville and Trump's disastrous series of responses to it, his job approval rating is in catastrophic territory. Reported US News today:

President Donald Trump keeps sinking in public esteem.

The latest Gallup tracking poll finds that only 34 percent of Americans approve of his job performance and 61 percent disapprove. This is a decline in his favorable rating from 37 percent approving and 56 percent disapproving at the end of last week.

As a historic reference, this is the lowest Trump's Gallup approval rating has ever been, and his disapproval rating is at a record high. Even worse for Trump is that his approval rating amongst Republicans is dropping quickly too -- a sign that his role as an effective president is basically over. No president in polling history has had numbers this low so early on, and it is hard to see how Trump comes back from this and regains control of his presidency. 

Trump has failed spectacularly on health care reform, failed to pass his Muslim travel ban, failed to control the incessant leaks coming out of his administration, failed to control his staff (and failed to even staff his government properly), failed to act responsibly when dealing with North Korea, and now failed to handle the fallout of a national tragedy. The failures just keep piling up on each other with no end in sight. This isn't just bad, it is cataclysmically bad and everyone in Trump's administration must now know they are living on borrowed time.